Who Will Preserve Our Nation’s Urban Parking Lots?

A historic preservation group in Cincinnati put together the above video, meant to make us think critically about some of the most fiercely guarded yet least loved places in our cities: parking lots.

Kudos to the Cincinnati Preservation Collective for bravely defending the spaces that help make Cincinnati much like every other mid-sized city in the country.

Parking lot humor: So sad it’s funny.

  • thielges

    Thanks for a little Monday humor ! The reality is only slightly less ridiculous: people defending parking over development because the loss of a lot could make it a little harder and more expensive to park. They could care less about the viability of their city because cheap, easy parking is more important than the owner’s desire to get the best utilization of their property.

  • C Monroe

    I love the tongue in cheek fact that they were fighting against the rapid disappearing parking lot when it went from 273 to 270.

  • They did it for April Fools’ Day, 2014. Excellent.