Today’s Headlines

  • Foxx Emerges as Key Player in Obama’s Cabinet (Reuters)
  • Nearly 800 Potential TIGER Grantees Request 15X the Money Available (RT&S)
  • Obama Hits House GOP on Transpo Funding Inaction (The Hill)
  • In Primaries Tomorrow, Shuster Fends Off “True Conservative” Challenger (WITF)
  • Austin Transit Planners Lay Out Options for Urban Rail (Austin Biz Journal)
  • Urban Land Institute Makes Transit Suggestions for Pittsburgh (Post-Gazette)
  • After 12 Days of Free Rides, Florida SunRail Starts Charging (Orlando Sentinel)
  • Nashville Millennials See Sparse Transit Coverage (Tennessean)
  • A Sneak Peek at D.C.’s Upcoming Streetcar (WTOP)
  • PolicyLink Founder: Transportation Essential for Neglected Communities (HuffPo)
  • Improvements in Store for Atlanta’s MARTA (Atlanta Mag)
  • bolwerk

    The true conservatives in Congress are called “Democrats.”


Austin's Urban Success Threatens Its Iconic Music Venues

Nightlife and urban living — they seem to go hand in hand. But while the success of entertainment venues can draw residents to urban areas, a city made famous by its eclectic music scene is seeing pressure from new residents to quiet things down. Network blog The Overhead Wire says that Austin, Texas lost a […]

White House Pitches $400M for Healthier Neighborhood Food Outlets

The connection between walkable development and grocery shopping may not seem immediately apparent — until you consider studies conducted in cities from Austin to Seattle that showed the share of trips taken by foot or by transit rises as local food outlets move closer to residential areas. The White House budget envisions a new investment […]

Amtrak's Marketing Overture to Millennials

Chalk up a win for the Amtrak marketing team, which has drummed up a ton of media coverage with its new residency program for writers. The above video, produced by Amtrak, goes into the thinking behind this effort. Randy Simes at Urban Cincy expounds on the strategy today: On the heels of kicking off their new Writers Residency program, where […]

Will Old Transit Systems Eat Up All the New Starts Grants?

One of MAP-21’s many mixed blessings was the New Starts Core Capacity program. It expanded eligibility for New Starts grants — normally reserved as capital assistance for new transit lines — to existing corridors. To qualify, the system just had to show that the improvements would expand the capacity of the line by at least […]