Today’s Headlines

  • House Stays Silent in Funding Debate (The Hill)
  • How Senate’s MAP-21 Reauthorization Might Affect Cities (Next City)
  • Obama Criticizes GOP for Taking Credit on Projects They Wouldn’t Fund (The Hill)
  • Honolulu Rail Faces Obstacles to Budget, Schedule (Pacific Biz News)
  • With Biden’s Cleveland Visit, Plain Dealer Looks at Importance of TIGER Grants in Ohio
  • 121 Projects Developing Along Twin Cities Green Line (Finance and Commerce)
  • Key Senator Supports Phased Gas Tax Increase (Fleet Owner)
  • Why Rising Rents Around New Transit Don’t Tell the Whole Story (Atlantic Cities)
  • Pop-Up Market Gives a Glimpse of Possibilities Along St. Louis Metrolink (St. Louis Public Radio)
  • Why Does Everyone Always Low-Ball the Costs of Transpo Projects? (WaPo)
  • Google Maps Brings Public Transit Data to UK (BBC)


St. Louis “Beat Congestion” and Now Commute Times Are Longer

St. Louis is every highway planner’s dream. Consistently ranked among the least-congested cities in America, the region’s car commuters spend a smaller share of their trips to work sitting in traffic than all but two other cities. That means St. Louis car commuters aren’t encumbered much by other car commuters, just like in those car commercials. But […]

Today’s Headlines

U.S. News: Gas Prices Are Too Damn Low Is It Time to Scrap the Interstate Highway System? (The Week) Fresh Off Elections, State Leaders Look for Transpo Funding Sources (Land Line) D.C. Metro Chair Joins Push for Commuter Tax Equality (WaPo) Who Are the Biggest Uber Users on the Hill? (WSJ) All Aboard Florida Plan […]

Today’s Headlines

Chao to Senate: List of “Principles” Coming Soon (CNN), But Don’t Expect List of Priority Projects (Hill) Former Indy Mayor Stephen Goldsmith Pushes Public-Private Partnerships as Infrastructure Cure-All (Reason) Detroit Streetcar Raises Questions About Role of Business and Foundation Funders (Inside Philanthropy) Robert Puentes: Why Have Transit Systems Across the Country Been Losing Riders? (US News) Dayton Transit […]

Funding Transit in St. Louis: Another Crack at a Sales Tax

Cities and counties across the country are struggling with the funding of their transit systems in these hard times. In New York City, the payroll tax solution touted in Albany last year has failed to meet projections. In Lorain County, Ohio, the rejection of a sales tax by voters resulted in crippling cutbacks to that […]

Planning a Streetcar? Better Get Your Zoning Right

Streetcars aren’t necessarily the fastest or cheapest way to get people from point A to point B, compared to, say, light rail or additional bus service. But cities around the country are racing to install new lines because streetcars can be a powerful tool for promoting urban development, of the walkable, transit-oriented, mixed-use, high-tax-revenue generating kind. But there’s […]