Today’s Headlines

  • Foxx to Congress: “Show a Little Political Courage” on Highway Trust Fund (Reuters, The Hill)
  • California Senate Leader Proposes Fuel Tax for Transit (AP)
  • Foxx, Shuster, Boxer to Speak at Next Week’s AASHTO Event (Better Roads)
  • In L.A., Feds Commit $670M to Light Rail Connector (L.A. Times)
  • Study: Our Most Vibrant Cities Have the Greatest Income Inequality (NYT)
  • Florida Bill Would Remove Development Hurdle, But Ignores the Concept of Density (Bradenton Herald)
  • Provo BRT Project Gets Attention From Feds (Herald Extra)
  • In Michigan, Voters Could Approve New Tax for Transit in May (M Live)
  • Colorado Looks at High-Speed Rail to Reduce I-70 Traffic (CBS Denver)
  • St. Paul TOD Chief Focuses on Light Rail (Finance & Commerce)
  • Smart Growth for Conservatives: Transit Advocates Can’t Ignore the Cost Problems
  • afk

    I70 has congestion about twice a week in the winter – masses going to and from ski towns, and is generally fine the rest of the year. It also has grades and curves that high speed trains couldn’t handle. Denver is about a mile above sea level. I70 through the eisenhower tunnel is more than 11000 feet about sea level, the highest vehicular tunnel in north america. The road has long stretches with greater than 7% grade. Tunneling through the mountains with a gentle grade and wide curves to allow high speed rail would be an engineering challenge, and cost a fortune. The ten billion mentioned in that article is overly optimistic. The distance and traffic involved can’t justify the cost.