Today’s Headlines

  • In St. Paul, a Light Rail vs. Freight Train Quandary (MPR News)
  • Denham Tells Politico MT House Amtrak Bill on Track for October
  • San Antonio Goes After Ambitious Streetcar Plan — Now It Needs Money (MySA)
  • Study: Living Near Good Transit = Higher Quality of Life (Atlantic Cities)
  • Today: Hearing on Maryland’s Purple Line (ABC2)
  • Transit’s Changed the Game for Philly Developers (
  • Case Studies: The Economic Effects of BRT (TC Daily Planet)
  • Boston Mayor Hopefuls Field Questions on Subway (
  • Will Better Behavior on MARTA Draw More Riders? (Patch)
  • In Australia, the World’s First 100% Solar-Powered Electric Bus (Clean Technica)


Queens Chamber Continues Campaign Against Congestion Pricing

Foes of congestion pricing marshalled by the Queens Chamber of Commerce held a press conference yesterday at which several politicians from the borough took a stand against the mayor’s plan. According to a press release provided by the chamber, City Council Finance Chair David Weprin called the proposal unnecessary: "I don’t think City Hall understands […]

Oregon Study Finds 94 Percent of Cyclists Stop at Red Lights

Contrary to lawless cyclist mythos, a study finds that nearly all cyclists in four Oregon cities stop for red lights. Meanwhile, according to Michael Andersen at Bike Portland, unrelated research suggests that “speeding in a car on local streets is at least six times more common than running a red light on a bike.” Portland State University […]

Today’s Headlines

“Let Detroit Vote for Better Transit,” Advocates Tell Obstructionist Politicians (Detroit Free Press) Large Congressional Delegation Wants Smarter Congestion Rules From U.S. DOT (T4A) Study: Traffic Deaths Up in Cities That Turn Off Red Light Cameras (AP) CityLab: The Way We Fund Sidewalks Is A Problem Ford and MIT Collecting Data on Pedestrian Behavior for Self Driving Cars (Industry Week) […]