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  • There Goes the Neighborhood: Older “Broken Hip-sters” Take Over the City (WSJ)
  • Boomers Tire of Suburban Life, Move Downtown (WaPo, Switchboard)
  • Elon Musk’s Hyperloop Might Not Really Be So Much Cheaper Than HSR (WaPo)
  • Capital Bikeshare Expands Farther and Farther Outside the City (WTOP)
  • Buses Can Run Faster (But Not Much Faster) on Freeways, But Forget About TOD (GGW)
  • Looks Like Dallas’ Party in the Park Could Use a Few More Partygoers (Good)
  • Women Forced to Ride Sidesaddle in Kenya (Thomson Reuters)
  • Want to Hearken Back to the Good Old Days? Look to Strong Towns.
  • Art-film Director Werner Herzog’s Documentary on Texting and Driving (NYT)
  • You Don’t Love Transit Like This Guy Loves Transit (AP)


How Far Should Bike and Transit Advocates Take Their Alliance?

In Portland, a political marriage has been brokered between biking and transit advocates. The two forces, once separate, have united under the heading “active transportation.” This year the Oregon Bike Summit changed its name to the “Active Transportation Summit,” and many of the workshops focused on the collaborative power of these complementary modes. Michael Anderson […]

Can Transit Expansion Produce Sprawl Like Highways Do?

Here in the Washington, D.C. area, our Metro system is expanding. A new Silver Line will go all the way to Dulles airport and beyond, into exurban Loudon County. The projected station stops are named for highways, not neighborhoods or landmarks: Reston Parkway, Route 28, Route 606, Route 772. Ten of the 11 new stations […]

Today’s Headlines

Will Florida End Up Having to Pay the Feds For Killing HSR? (Florida Times-Union) LaHood Lays Off Restrictions On Hands-Free Car Distractions, Targets Teens (Detroit News, WaPo) Bike Advocates Converge On Washington Amid Concern of Spending Cuts (WaPo) White House Eyes Oil Reserves As Prices Rise (JOC) Janette Sadik-Khan, Under Attack For Re-Distributing Valuable Rights-of-Way […]

The Ridiculous Politics That Slow Down America’s Best BRT Route

Cleveland’s Healthline is widely viewed as the best bus rapid transit project in the country — and for many good reasons. Running on dedicated center lanes, the Healthline isn’t bogged down by car traffic on the most congested portions of its 7.1-mile route. With about 14,000 daily trips, the Healthline has increased ridership nearly 50 percent (though […]

Today’s Headlines

Transportation for America on Trump Transit Cuts: “This Is Not a Big City Thing” (Next City) Atlanta Transit Could Lose Out on $3 Billion If Trump Cuts New Starts and TIGER (AJC) Self-Driving Buses: Cool, But Not Yet Cheap (or Tested) Enough to Be a Real Solution (Eno) When It Comes to Access to Transit, Poorer Parts […]