Today’s Headlines

  • Two-Thirds of Americans Don’t Want a 20-Cent Gas Tax Hike (The Hill, Governing, CNN, Politico)
  • Three Ways This Round of TIGER Is Different (Transpo Issues Daily)
  • WaPo Suggests Five Hypotheses to Explain Why More Young People Are Going Car-Free
  • AAA: The Cost of Car Ownership Rises to $9,122 a Year (USA Today)
  • Europe Sells Two Bikes For Every Car (ePedalar)
  • Americans Bought As Many E-Bikes As E-Cars Last Year (Yale Environment 360)
  • 40 Percent of On-the-Job Deaths Due to Transportation Crashes (Not Freak Explosions) (Bloomberg)
  • Toronto Discusses How to Handle Bixi’s Debt Problem (Star)
  • Fort Worth Bike-Share Launches (Star-Telegram)
  • Madison Gets Creative With Trike-Share — Cargo Bikes By the Hour (B-Cycle)
  • Americans Believe Global Warming Is Real, They Just Don’t Really Care (WaPo)
  • Texas Instruments, Peace Corps, World Bank Named Bike-Friendly Businesses (Bike League)
  • Walking Can Help Stave Off Dementia, If You Don’t Get Hit By a Car First (Atlantic Cities)


Today’s Headlines

NY Times Looks at Disastrous Infrastructure Privatization Schemes Around the World Senators From Both Parties Are Eager to Embrace Our Driverless Car Future (Hill) Meanwhile, in Helsinki: Driverless Buses Will Go Into Scheduled Service This Year (Curbed) Long Live Cheap American Gasoline (WaPo) Philly Council President Calls for Vision Zero Implementation Plan, Which Already Exists (PlanPhilly) Baltimore Bike […]

Less Affluent Americans More Likely to Bike for Transportation

Who are bike improvements for? That can be a contentious question in cities where the implementation of bike infrastructure is associated with affluent white people. But as the above chart from Michael Andersen at People for Bikes shows, lower-income Americans are actually more likely than wealthy people to use a bike to get to work: […]

Why Aren’t American Bike-Share Systems Living Up to Their Potential?

As policy director at the New York City Department of Transportation from 2007 to June, 2014, Jon Orcutt shepherded the nation’s largest bike-share system through the earliest stages of planning, a wide-ranging public engagement process, and, last year, the rollout of hundreds of Citi Bike stations. That makes Orcutt, formerly of Transportation Alternatives and the Tri-State Transportation […]

Census: American Bike Commuting Up Nine Percent in 2012

Congratulations, America. We’re biking to work more than ever before. We’ve known for a while that Americans are driving less than they used to, even as the economy grows. And just about every quarter, the American Public Transportation Association delivers more stats about increasing transit ridership. Now the Census brings another measure of Americans’ shifting transportation […]