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  • Are More Cyclists Dying Because There Are More Cyclists? (LAT)
  • Transit Ridership Keeps On Rising — So Don’t Do Anything Stupid, Congress (APTA)
  • Six Reasons Why We Need a Carbon Tax (The Hill)
  • Surprise! Grover Norquist Is Against Raising the Gas Tax (WaPo)
  • Millenials’ Urban Leanings Jump-Start Rental Apartment Boom (Mobilizing the Region)
  • In Which We All Turn Green With Envy Over Portland’s 10.3% Bike-to-School Rate (BikePortland)
  • Philly Feels Left Out of the Bike-Share Trend, Wants Its Own System (CBS)
  • Tax Transit-Oriented Development in Connecticut to Pay For Road Projects? (Hartford Courant)
  • Let’s Price Parking Like Gasoline (Or Better Yet, With Market Pricing) And Move On (GGW)
  • “Trying to Market a City Without Transit Is Like Trying to Sell a Cell Phone Without a Camera” (NJ)
  • China’s Pedestrian Roundabout Shows What Non-Auto-Oriented Infrastructure Can Be (Inthralld)


Six Lies the GOP Is Telling About the House Transportation Bill

The transportation-plus-drilling bill that John Boehner and company are trying to ram through the House is an attack on transit riders, pedestrians, cyclists, city dwellers, and every American who can’t afford to drive everywhere. Under this bill, all the dedicated federal funding streams for transit, biking, and walking would disappear, leading to widespread service cuts […]

Today’s Headlines

Transit Agencies Push for More Funding in Transportation Bill (The Hill) Detroit Gets Funds to Launch Bike-Share (NextCity) New Report from CNU: A Freeway Free San Francisco “MARTA Army” Trying to Improve Transit in Atlanta (GPB) What Volvo Thinks Passengers Will Do When Cars Drive Themselves (The Verge) California City Ordered to Pay $6M to Family of Slain Cyclist Due […]

Would Taxing Bikes Solve the Infrastructure Problem?

Around the Network today: Would a tax on bikes and cycling equipment lead to a dramatic increase in infrastructure spending? Photo: Bike Europe A Tax on Bikes, Deft Political Move?: Would you support a tax on bikes if it provided infrastructure that made your ride safer and more pleasant? Network blog Straight Outta Suburbia says […]

Today’s Headlines

AAA Projected More Driving This Labor Day Weekend (The Hill) New FTA Guidance Incentivizes Affordable Housing Near Transit (Rooflines) Arlington, Texas, Loses Distinction of Biggest U.S. City Without Transit (Wired) Infographic: “Pushing a Ton of Metal to Move 200 Lbs. of Flesh is Insanely Inefficient” (Treehugger) How Bike-Share Can Close Cycling’s Gender Gap (Good) Come […]

6 Transportation Ballot Initiatives to Watch Next Tuesday

Next week, voters in Maryland and Wisconsin may tell state officials to keep their greedy paws off transportation funds. Louisianans will consider whether to create an infrastructure bank to help finance projects. Texans will weigh the wisdom of raiding the state’s Rainy Day Fund for — what else? — highways. And Massachusetts activists who have […]