Today’s Headlines

  • Here’s Another Obama Infrastructure Proposal For Republicans to Shoot Down (TID)
  • In Pedestrian Crash Deaths, Blame Belongs to Street Design (WaPo/GGW)
  • AFL-CIO’s Wytkind Hopes Shuster Will Soften His Stance on Amtrak (The Hill)
  • Over 2.4 Million Pounds of CO2 Per Second — We’re Looking at You, China (AP)
  • Private Infrastructure Investors Look to the U.S. (Reuters)
  • Gov. Snyder Could End Decades of Angst and Inaction on Regional Transit in Detroit (Freep)
  • Washington Post Weighs In In Favor of Virginia’s Gas Tax Proposal
  • Boston Bike-Share System Looks to Winterize — But Not in Time For This Year (Globe)
  • How Many More Sons and Daughters Will Indianapolis Lose to Transit-Rich Cities? (Star)
  • Even Enviros Have Turned Against France-Italy High-Speed Rail Link (AFP)


Today’s Headlines

Snow Brings Freight, Passenger Transportation to a Halt in Chicago (Sun-Times, Beacon-News) Is the Chamber of Commerce’s Push for Infrastructure Investment All Talk? (HuffPo) Colorado Lawmakers Soundly Reject Proposal to Redirect Transit Money to Roads (Bloomberg) Ed Glaeser Talks Cities With Grist Portland City Official Pushes to Implement Bicycle Signaling Statewide (BikePortland) Former PA Gov. […]

Clinton Pledges to Make a Big Infrastructure Push in Her First 100 Days

The industry groups behind last week’s “Infrastructure Week” campaign got exciting news today when presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton announced she’s going to make a big $275 billion “infrastructure” push in her first 100 days. An anonymous Clinton aide told the Washington Post: This proposal would represent the most significant increase in infrastructure investment since President […]

Mica’s Transpo Bill Would Spell Disaster for Transit

There has been speculation for months now that the House Republicans’ transportation bill proposal would be terrible for transit, biking, and walking. And sure enough, John Mica didn’t disappoint. The chair of the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee yesterday released a six-year reauthorization proposal that would slash overall transportation funding 33 percent and eliminate dedicated […]

Goodbye to the Era of Big Infrastructure?

Despite the occasional feature story about America’s “infrastructure crisis” and the campaign platforms for increased investment, the “era of big infrastructure is over,” argues University of Minnesota engineering professor David Levinson at the Transportist. With maintenance a more pressing need than expansion, Levinson does not foresee major additions to either the highway system or rail and […]

Today’s Headlines

Senate’s jobs bill, still slated for release this week, is expected to include a one-year extension of existing transportation law to keep the highway trust fund afloat (WaPo) Infrastructure expert Rob Puentes: The White House’s budget’s focus on transportation alone for its National Infrastructure Fund is "somewhat disappointing" (TNR’s The Avenue) Fast Company takes a […]