Today’s Headlines

  • Reid: Dilly Dally Now, Work the Weekend (The Hill)
  • Three Possible Outcomes For Transportation Negotiations (Trans Issues Daily)
  • Why All the Hoopla for a “Milk-Toast Two-Year Bill”? (National Journal)
  • At Rio, Development Banks Commit to Major Lending Program for Sustainable Transport (Dot Earth)
  • The Economist: Sprawl Is Inevitable; Resistance Is Futile
  • Feds Reimburse Wisconsin For Money Spent on High-Speed Rail Plan (WAOW)
  • Do Cars and Buses Win Over Trains in Energy Efficiency? (Hawaii Reporter)
  • Even With a Deal Supposedly on the Horizon, Keystone Remains Sticking Point (Reuters)
  • The World: Don’t Change Oregon’s “Elegant” and “Exquisite” Gas Tax to VMT Fee


Today’s Headlines

Seattle and Los Angeles Transit Agencies Speak Out Against Trump’s Transit Cuts (MyNorthwest, Urbanist) Missing in Reuters Story About Uber-Riding City Dwellers Who Go Car-Free: Any Mention of Transit People Love Talking About Them, But Self-Driving Cars Do Not Yet Exist and Are Far in the Future (Economist) Hampton Roads Transit Death Spiral: Ridership Drops, Pols Ask How […]

Talking Headways Podcast: Lightsaber Fights From Autonomous Pods

This week's guest is Dr. Lisa Schweitzer of USC's Sol Price School of Public Policy. In the first of a two-part series, Dr. Schweitzer talks about how her students respond to urban planning classes, what a recent controversy in a Los Angeles City Council election reveals about bike advocacy, and autonomous vehicles and land use policy.

Today’s Headlines

Who Killed a Federal Inquiry Into America’s Sky-High Transit Construction Costs? (Vox) CityLab Looks at How Trump’s Budget Is Bad for Bicycling Trump Budget Cuts Transit Funding, But Leaves Door Open for Maryland’s Purple Line (WaPo) Boston Launches Pilot for All-Door Boarding Along Silver Line Bus (Next City) Denver Suburb Paid Lots of Money to Offer Free […]
Linear transportation routes carrying riders who walk the last few blocks from their origins and to their destinations. Sound familiar? Image: Uber

Uber’s Latest Feature Reinvents the Wheels on the Bus

Uber is rolling out a new feature that will encourage people who use its shared-ride service in New York to walk to the nearest intersection, instead of getting picked up at their door. The company hopes that by avoiding looping through congested Manhattan to pick up and drop off multiple people, it will make trips faster and easier -- but Uber is trying to solve a problem that buses solved generations ago.