Today’s Headlines

  • WSJ: Americans Don’t Want LaHood’s Strange “Livability,” They Want Endless Highways
  • GOP: Maybe If We Keep Talking About High Gas Prices No One Will Notice We Have No Plan (WaPo)
  • The Oil and Gas Industry Tax Breaks That Congress Just Voted to Keep, Explained (Strib)
  • Will a Weakened Tea Party Be Less Able to Obstruct Progress on Transportation? (TPM)
  • Historic Preservation Increases Suburbanization and Rich People’s Property Values (Salon)
  • Light Rail Construction Can Be a Death Blow For Businesses (CBS)
  • Climate, Gas Prices, Transit Don’t Impact Cycling Rates As Much As Bike Lanes Do (Treehugger)
  • The Holy City of Mecca is a Victim of Sprawl (Green Prophet)
  • Dreaming of the Perfect City Street — Even in Phoenix (Next American City)
  • Capital Bike-Share Is Selling Helmets, But It Doesn’t Solve the Problem (WaPo)
  • Mike Christensen

    The WSJ article’s line of thinking is typical of Wall Street.  It’s all about short-term solutions for problems, which in the end make the problem even worse.  I doubt anyone on Wall Street gives any thought to the externalities involved in promoting an auto-centric society.  I also doubt there can ever be a true economic recovery as long as this line of thinking persists.