Today’s Headlines

  • Club For Growth Aims to Thwart House Transportation Bill (Politico)
  • …While MADD and Rep. Bill Shuster Speak Up in Its Defense
  • Critical Vote to Save Cycling Comes Today (BikeLeague)
  • Mica Was For Safe Routes to School Before He Was Against It (BikePortland)
  • Longer, Heavier Trucks Good for the Environment? Hardly (LandLine)
  • Spirit Airlines Adds “USDOT Unintended Consequences” Fee (CNN)
  • Secretary Ray LaHood Launches Transit Projects From Philly to Atlanta
  • …But New Proposal Threatens Atlanta’s State-Local Alliance on Transit (WABE)
  • Amtrak Train Strikes Tractor-Trailer in Southern Mich., 10 Injured (mLive)
  • How Streetcars Will Boost DC’s Bottom Line (BeyondDC)

Happy Groundhog Day!


Today’s Headlines

Mass Transit Use Rises as Gas Prices Soar (CNN) LaHood: House in “Disarray” on Transportation Bill (Hill) Senate Ready to Overhaul Highway, Transit Programs (WaP0) …But the Senate’s Transpo Bill Is Far From Transformative (HuffPo) Mass Transit Tax Break Considered By Sen. Schumer and Others (HuffPo) Washington Spin on Transpo Bill Makes Good Look Even […]

House Transpo Bill Turns Communities Into Collateral Damage

There’s been a lot of analysis and explanation of how bad the House transportation bill is from a policy standpoint. This proposal takes sound transportation policy, covers it with oil, sets it on fire, and then dances on the ashes. It’s also important to remember this transportation bill would make life worse for millions of […]

Today’s Headlines

CBO Says House Bill Would Bankrupt Highway Trust Fund (JOC) Rand Paul Puts Hold on Senate Transportation Bill (Politico) Speaker John Boehner’s Invitation to Gridlock (Chicago Tribune) House Bill Sends Seattle Transit Providers Into Cold Sweat (Seattle Times) Eric Cantor, Former Subway Rider, Defends Cuts to Transit (Capital) The Tea Party’s War on Mass Transit […]

Compare the Senate and House Transpo Bills, Side-By-Side

Now that the Senate has passed a transportation bill and everyone’s waiting to see what the House will do next, Transportation for America has done us all a great service and compared the Senate’s bill to the House’s — well, to the last thing the House showed us before things fell apart for John Boehner’s […]