Today’s Headlines

  • As Pedestrian Deaths Skyrocket, Senate Considers Road Safety Amendment (Bike League)
  • Senators, Citing Parking Benefit, Call for Extending Mass-Transit Benefit (HillNational Journal)
  • Crosswalk Carnage: Why Do Police Ignore Drivers Who Won’t Yield? (Crosscut)
  • The New Republic Sees More Multi-Modality in America’s Future
  • Graph: If You Build It, They Will Come (By Bicycle) (TreeHugger)
  • Battle Over Plan Maryland Rages Into the State Senate (Baltimore Sun)
  • Georgia Gets $4M Grant for HSR into North Carolina (WCNC)
  • Texting Driver’s Distraction Kills Two, Injures 38 Others (KSDK)
  • Chicago, Advil Promote Cycling to Fight Traffic Congestion (Cyclelicious)
  • What Would DC Look Like Without Transit? Not Good. (Atlantic Cities)


Transit Benefit (Wrapped in Tax Cuts) Clears the Senate

The Senate voted 81-19 to support President Obama’s plan to extend the Bush tax cuts this afternoon. Some of those Senators probably didn’t even realize that they were also voting to extend equal tax benefits for transit commuters, on par with parking credits. One Senator was certainly aware. Democrat Bob Menendez of New Jersey told […]

Today’s Headlines

“Highway” Funding “Stuck in Reverse” (Star Tribune) Schumer: Tax Benefits for Transit Commuters Will Be in Transpo Bill (Bloomberg) Boehner: We’ll Work With Senate If GOP Balks on Highway Bill (Transpo Nation) Are Cars to Blame for Distracted Driving? (USA Today) Do More Bikeways Mean More Commuting By Bicycle? (Crikey) Metropolitan Sprawl Puts the “Urban” […]

Senate Fails to Extend Transit Commuter Tax Benefit

The Senate has voted to extend the payroll tax cuts – for two months – but didn’t act on a measure to maintain parity between the commuter parking and transit benefits. This means transit riders will get their pre-tax benefits cut in half come January 1st, while those who drive to work will see a […]

Transit Riders Keep Same Tax Benefits As Drivers

President Obama is about to sign the controversial tax-cut compromise into law, now that the House and Senate have both voted in favor of the bill. That means the transit benefit extension, hidden inside the $858 billion package, will become law as well. Nearly four years ago, Congressman Jim McGovern (D-MA) introduced a measure to […]

Baucus Adds Transit Tax Benefit to Senate Transpo Bill

The Senate Finance Committee is currently marking up what lawmakers have christened the “Highway Investment, Job Creation and Economic Growth Act of 2012,” the final component of the Senate’s two-year transportation bill. This portion of the bill, put together by committee chair Max Baucus (D-MT), is responsible for the “pay-for” — identifying approximately $13 billion […]