Today’s Headlines

  • Congressional Republicans Want to Withhold CA HSR Funds (LATimes)
  • California Officially Gains HSR Funds Rejected by Florida (Politico)
  • USDOT Grants HSR for Illinois, Michigan (Pantagraph, Heritage)
  • Every Fatal Road Collision Mapped Across America (Guardian)
  • Maryland’s Latest Highway Project Could Be Last One Publicly Funded Until 2033 (WaPo)
  • Are Complete Streets Incomplete? (Project for Public Spaces)
  • Road Rage in Lake Wobegon? 93% of US Drivers Say They Drive Better Than You (Cyclelicious)
  • Thinking Outside the Bus: Lessons in Transit Innovation (NYT)
  • Mobile, Alabama Gets Their Very First On-Street Bicycle Racks (Press-Register)
  • If Toys Could Travel: A Short Film Inspired by Google Street View (TranspoNation)


California: Ground Zero in the High Speed Rail Wars

On Thursday, the California High Speed Rail Authority accepted the resignation of Ogilvy Public Relations. The PR firm was about to get axed over accusations that it billed excessively while doing little to counter a tide of anti-rail propaganda. Meanwhile, on Wednesday, at the Rosemead Community Recreation Center, east of Los Angeles, the Authority displayed […]

Today’s Headlines

Fracking Boom Has Turned Texas Highways Into the Nation’s Deadliest (NPR) Why New Jersey Spends 8 Times the National Average on Roads (USA Today) Texas Voters to Decide Whether to Spend Rainy Day Fund on Roads (KFOX14) Number 12 in the California HSR Chronicles: Commute Logistics (Atlantic) Boston’s Beacon Street Is Designed for Speed (Walking […]

High-Speed Rail in California is Worrying Itself to Death

Yesterday, for the second time in as many weeks, the House T&I committee held a hearing on the benefit-versus-boondoggle high-speed rail debate. Last time, Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood was asked to defend the peppering of high-speed rail grants to projects outside the Northeast Corridor. Yesterday, the topic narrowed to focus just on California’s high-speed rail project, […]

Today’s Headlines

Mica Pledges to Block Proposed Rules to Limit Truckers’ Time on the Road (The Hill, TruckingInfo) Rep. Cravaack, Who Ousted Oberstar, Wants to Block MN HSR Line His Predecessor Wanted (AP) The Trans-Texas Corridor Debacle Is Going to Come Back to Haunt Rick Perry (Transpo Nation) Are China’s HSR Safety Problems “Just a Small, Small […]

High-Speed Rail: Do We Have the Will?

Tomorrow morning, I’m getting on a train from Washington, DC to New York. It’s going to take me almost three-and-a-half hours to get there. Sure, I could pay more for an Acela and get there in less than three hours. But why can’t it take 90 minutes? Yesterday, Amtrak unveiled a plan [PDF] to build […]