Today’s Headlines

  • New T4A Report Ranks Deficient Bridges by Metro Areas (Transportation for America)
  • Maryland Mayors Want 15 Cent Increase in Gas Tax (Baltimore Sun)
  • Vote Today on Republican Amendment Preventing Transpo Funding for ‘Beautification’ (Hill)
  • Three Infrastructure Funding Ideas With Bipartisan Support (WaPo)
  • Carmakers vs. People Who Ride Bikes, an ‘Existential Dilemma’? (Infrastructurist)
  • U.S. Government Working to Boost Domestic Transit Manufacturing (DetroitNews)
  • Virgina DOT Planning a ‘Smart Highway’ on I-66 (HuffPo)
  • Could Cleaning the Air Clean Up Violent Crime? (Grist)
  • San Francisco Gives Second Look to Free Transit Passes for Under-18s (Mercury)
  • NRDC Supports a ‘Long-term, Transformative Transportation Bill’ (Switchboard)
  • Looking Back at Urbanist Messaging in the Fifties, With Video (Atlantic)


House GOP Moves to Decimate Dedicated Transit Funding

In a move that should dispel any remaining thoughts that the House transportation bill [PDF] will ever be signed into law, the Ways and Means Committee announced today that they will try to forbid gas tax revenue from funding transit. The Ways & Means bill [PDF] would funnel all gas tax revenue toward road programs, […]

In Obama Budget, a Glimpse of What Beefed-Up Transit Funding Could Do

The budget proposal released by President Obama yesterday fleshes out the transportation ideas put out by the White House last week and includes specific grants for transit upgrades and expansions in 2015, but many of them won’t be part of this budget unless Congress agrees to increase funding for transportation. The White House budget proposes $17.6 billion […]

The State of State Transit Funding

States increased their transit spending more than 5 percent between 2007 and 2011, reaching $13.9 billion annually, according to a recent report from the Association of American State Highway and Transportation Officials. But that increase was concentrated in just a handful of states. Almost all of the elevated transit spending — 92 percent — is attributable to five […]

But What About the Highways-Transit Split?

As transit fans and policy wonks digest the details of House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee Chairman Jim Oberstar’s (D-MN) new proposal, one question is coming to mind: Does it change the typical 80-20 split in the percentage of funding that goes to highways versus transit? The short answer is, not really. While road programs got […]

House Bill Makes Connection Between Transit Funding and Gas Price Relief

Here’s an alternative to the "Drill Now!" mantra that doesn’t involve ethanol subsidies or depleting the Strategic Petroleum Reserve. Earlier this month, Congressman Earl Blumenauer introduced the Transportation and Housing Choices for Gas Price Relief Act [PDF]. Blumenauer’s hometown paper, The Oregonian, calls the measure a "smart bill": The key word in that title is […]