Today’s Headlines

  • DOT, Safety Board Urge Cellphone Ban for all Commercial Drivers (NYTimes)
  • Congress’ Apparent Interest in Compromise With President Evaporates (WaPo)
  • LaHood Commends Indiana for Closing Failing Bridge, Calls for Jobs Act Support (Wave3)
  • UK Government Turning to Infrastructure Projects to Save Economy (Telegraph)
  • Vermont DOT Estimates Costs of Rebuilding Roadways More Than $500 million (AP)
  • Hurricane Irene Reminder to NJ Governor of Need to Invest in Transit (
  • State Governments Hard Pressed to Reject American Jobs Act (Stateline)
  • Illinois Business and Labor Lobby Congress to Not Slash Transportation Dollars (MySuburbanLife)
  • How Your City Can Increase Car Sharing (Shareable)
  • Prototype Bike Self-Destructs if Stolen (UberGizmo)


Transpo Committee Dems Submit Deficit-Reduction Ideas to Super Committee

Tomorrow is the deadline for Congressional committees to advise the super committee on how they’d like to see the deficit reduction plan formulated. The Democrats on the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee submitted theirs today [PDF], divided into three sections: “Creating Jobs,” “Eliminating Waste, Fraud and Abuse,” and “Promoting Efficiency and Reform of Government.” For […]

Today’s Headlines

Bad news for Big Oil in the White House budget, which seeks to axe $36.5B in subsidies — but will Congress go along? (TNR’s The Vine) That $100m jobs bill, including infrastructure, that the White House is hoping for? It might look considerably smaller once the Senate acts, perhaps this week (Politico) Georgia political heavyweights […]

Obama Administration Sends Transportation Bill to Congress

The Obama administration today sent Congress its proposal for a multi-year transportation bill, which it’s calling the GROW AMERICA Act. The bill, based on the budget proposal President Obama released two months ago, relies on corporate tax reform to raise $87 billion to fill the hole in the Highway Trust Fund. The four-year bill would cost $302 billion. […]

AASHTO Stimulus Report Omits Jobs Data Comparing Transit With Roads

The American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO), the trade group representing state DOTs in Washington, yesterday unveiled a website and report billed as a one-year "progress report" on the White House’s $34.3 billion in formula-based transportation stimulus spending. (Photo: WBEZ) AASHTO’s report, citing data furnished to Congress, noted that 77 percent of […]