Today’s Headlines

  • Obama May Include Infrastructure Bank in Jobs Plan (AP)
  • AP: Political Games Really Could Shut Down the Transportation Program
  • GOP Leaders Take Jabs At Obama Even When They Agree With Him on Transpo Extension (JOC)
  • Why Congress Must Pass a Clean Extension of the Transportation Bill (TNR)
  • Sam Schwartz: Renewing the Federal Gas Tax Is Essential (NYDN)
  • Sprawl and Painfully Bad Infrastructure Made This Natural Disaster a Disaster (WNYC, PRI)
  • Crenshaw/LAX Line Gets Green Light From Feds (HuffPo)
  • Survey: Young People Aren’t Driving As Much (Sightline)
  • With 30 MPH Roads Designed Like Highways, How Should Drivers Know to Slow Down? (Strong Towns)
  • Placemakers, Meet the Strip Mall (GGW)
  • Want to Earn Thousands For Charity, Just By Biking to Work? Work For Google.
  • Germany Switching Rail System to 100% Renewable Energy (AHN)


Obama Calls For ‘More Creative’ Ways to Pay For Infrastructure

At a meeting today with his outside economic recovery advisers, President Obama emphasized the importance of shoring up the nation’s crumbling infrastructure but warned that the mounting federal deficit would require "more creative, new approaches to financing" investment in transit, bridges, and road repairs. President Obama (Photo: AP) "I think my team will testify when […]

The New Curveball: A $150 Billion Transportation Down Payment

At an event with Dick Durbin (IL), the Senate’s No. 2 Democrat, Gov. Ed Rendell (D-PA) today threw a curveball into Washington’s ongoing back-and-forth over economic recovery, suggesting a $150 billion "front-loaded" transportation stimulus for next year. Senate Majority Whip Dick Durbin (D-IL) (Photo: STLtoday) Appearing at the Capitol, Durbin sought to bolster Congress’ credentials […]

President Obama Pushes Congress For a Clean Extension of Transpo Bill

“I’m calling on Congress, as soon as they come back, to pass a clean extension of the surface transportation bill,” President Barack Obama said from the Rose Garden this morning. “This bill provides funding for highway construction, bridge repair, mass transit systems, and other essential projects that keep our people and our commerce moving quickly and […]

Highway Lobby: Obama DOT’s Transpo Goals ‘Not Appropriate’

The provisions the Obama administration wants to see added to an 18-month extension of current transportation law — adding up to $310 million for state and local planning — may look pretty minor to reform-minded voters. But they’re a bridge too far for the Washington highway lobby. The American Association of State Highway and Transportation […]

Live-Blogging the House Transportation Extension Debate & Vote

After a long night’s wrangling over the budget, the House convened early (for them) at 9 this morning to tackle a 90-day 60-day 90-day extension of the transportation bill. Despite some fierce opposition from House Democrats who wanted to vote on the bipartisan Senate bill instead of another extension, the measure passed. We’re brought you the fireworks as […]

LaHood Asks For 18-Month Extension of Four-Year-Old Transpo Law

Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood is asking Congress to extend the existing federal transportation law for 18 months, averting the coming insolvency of the nation’s highway trust fund while putting off broad-based transport reform for as long as the Bush administration did in the days surrounding the 2004 election. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood (Photo: AP) LaHood’s […]