Today’s Headlines

  • Sen. Harkin Says Fixing Infrastructure More Important Than Reducing Deficit (Des Moines Register)
  • China to Invest $199 Billion in Rail, Subways Over Five Years (Chicago Tribune)
  • Sold Out Bullet Trains Show China’s Riders Unfazed by Recent Crash (Bloomberg)
  • Amtrak Cancels Trains in Preparation for Hurricane (The Hill)
  • Which is Greener: Raising Gas Tax or Increasing Fuel Efficiency Standards? (Infrastructurist)
  • MD Governor Announces Extended Public Review of Statewide Anti-Sprawl Plan (WaPo)
  • Residents of English Town Make the Most of Crosswalk Button (TreeHugger)
  • How Minneapolis Has Become a Bike-opolis (Grist)


U.S. Transit Agency Issues Safety Warning After D.C. Metro Crash

Following quickly on the heels of a National Transportation Safety Board warning about the D.C. Metro’s crash-prevention system, U.S. DOT regulators are asking transit agencies nationwide to ensure they have safety backups in place. As Peter Rogoff, chief of the Federal Transit Administration (FTA), wrote to officials [PDF] late yesterday: We are asking that all […]

Today’s Headlines

Obama to Adopt Deficit Commission Agenda — Including the Gas Tax? (WaPo) $1.5 Billion Cut to High-Speed Rail Could Grow Even Larger (HuffPo) Cuts to High-Speed Rail Won’t Affect Any Existing Projects (Bloomberg) DOT Got $300M in Florida Rail Money Out the Door Ahead of Potential Shutdown (JOC) Boehner and Obama Play Nice Over Budget […]

Study: FRA Regulations Make Us Less Safe

The Federal Railroad Administration’s burdensome safety regulations have long been criticized for putting rail transportation in America at a competitive disadvantage. But a new study says it’s even worse than that: FRA’s over-the-top safety standards actually make us less safe. David Edmondson at Network blog Vibrant Bay Area, a co-author of the study, explains: A […]

Passenger Rail Isn’t Just for “Rail Buffs”

I just returned from an overnight train trip on Amtrak a couple of days ago, riding the Crescent from Meridian, Mississippi, into Penn Station, after completing the southbound trip a week earlier. It’s a route I’ve traveled before, one of dozens of long-distance hauls I’ve made on Amtrak over the last 20 or so years. […]