Today’s Headlines

  • Obama to Automakers: “You Can’t Just Make Money on SUVs and Trucks” (The Hill)
  • Historic Maine Bridge Unfit for Use Could Be Yours for Just $1, DOT Will Help You Move It! (UnionLeader)
  • WMATA Working With GSA to Locate Federal Offices Near Transit (WaPo)
  • App Lets Drivers Bid On a Parking Space, Maybe Save Time Looking for One (GOOD)
  • The LA Times Empathizes With Hackers Who Hit San Francisco BART System
  • Politifact Says Governor Scott is Wrong About What HSR Would Have Cost Florida
  • A Portrait of “Bicycle Living” on Portland’s Alberta Street (BikePortland)
  • Urban Sprawl Is Paving Over Our Food Supply (EthanolProducerBlog)


How to Get Airport Transit Right

The big rail line to the airport is an awfully seductive transit project to many political decision makers. So cities keep heaping resources on flashy airport transit even though the ridership is seldom worth the expense. Toronto, for instance, recently rolled out a new airport line that costs a bundle to ride and is drawing a disappointing number of […]

Families on Transit Where You Live

We asked. You delivered. Again. This time, we were looking for photos of families on transit for one of our user-generated slide shows. You came through with pictures that show just how fun, relaxing, or even downright romantic it can be to ride buses and trains with the people you love. Enjoy. Many thanks to […]

More Transit Service or Lower Fares?

As the economy gradually improves, some transit budgets are looking a little rosier. In a few rare cases, transit agencies even have a surplus and need to decide how to handle it. One city wrestling with this question is Portland, where Tri-Met will either restore service that was recently cut or lower fares by extending […]

The Secret to a Healthy Life: A Daily, Half-Hour Walk

Arthritis? Diabetes? Depression? Anxiety? Whatever might ail you, the best prescription may just be a half-hour walk. That’s according to research by Dr. Mike Evans, an expert on preventive health care. The video below, shared by the Missouri Bike and Pedestrian Federation, explains that just a small daily dose of moderate exercise can have tremendous […]

Getting Our Transportation Priorities Straight

This morning on the Streetsblog Network, Cap’n Transit is talking about setting budget priorities in lean times. Maintaining efficient, low-cost transit, he argues, should take precedence over keeping bridges toll-free — especially if there’s no political will to raise taxes: In tough times, transit should come first. (Photo: Kevin H. via Flickr) If your personal […]