Today’s Headlines

  • Congressional Dysfunction Leads to Furloughs for 4,000 FAA Workers (UPI)
  • Remember When American Infrastructure Used to Work? (The Atlantic)
  • Family Proves That Even in LA, Transit Can Work (LAT)
  • A Side Benefit of Smart Growth — Wilderness (Grist)
  • Road Lobby’s New Ad Argues Roads Are Worth the Cost (The Hill)
  • What Has Chronic Underfunding Meant for American Infrastructure? (America 2050)
  • China Begins Safety Overhaul in the Wake of Deadly Rail Accidents (USA Today)
  • If the World Lived in Cities as Dense as New York We’d All Fit in Texas (Infrastructurist)
  • Are We Headed for $5 Gas? (IBTimes)


Digging a Hole: What's Behind America's Aversion to Fixing It First?

America’s bridges are deficient and its roads are potholed. The gas tax hasn’t been raised in over a decade, leaving revenues insufficient to maintain the infrastructure we have. Yet a strong bias toward new construction persists in American transportation policies. The Economist commented on this disconnect recently in a story about the state of U.S. […]

More Money Won’t Fix U.S. Infrastructure If We Don’t Change How It’s Spent

“America’s infrastructure is slowly falling apart” went the headline of a recent Vice Magazine story that epitomizes a certain line of thinking about how to fix the nation’s “infrastructure crisis.” The post showed a series of structurally deficient bridges and traffic-clogged interchanges intended to jolt readers into thinking we need to spend more on infrastructure. The idea […]