Today’s Headlines

  • Bin Laden’s Death an Unexpected Boon for Capital Bike-Share (WAMU)
  • Big Oil’s Profits Jump 38 Percent Over Last Year (Mother Jones)
  • Most Americans Believe Gas Prices Will Hit $5-a-Gallon By July (Rasmussen)
  • One More Study Won’t Solve Pennsylvania’s Infrastructure Problem (Transpo Nation)
  • Mayors Favor Transit Over Highways (National Journal)
  • Who Should Pay for the Underground Metro Stop at Dulles? (WaPo)
  • For “Green” Houses, Context Matters (EcoGeek)
  • HSR Rail Planners Grapple With Cost in California (Fresno Bee)
  • How to Build a City From Scratch (The Transportationist)
  • Bike and Pedestrian Projects in High Demand (LAB)


Arturas Zuokas, World’s Most Bike-Friendly Mayor

From the Irish Independent: Rebellious Lithuanian mayor Arturas Zuokas has taken clearing bike lanes of illegally parked cars into his own hands. He drove an army personnel carrier over an old Mercedes-Benz S-Class that had been parked in a bike lane in the capital Vilnius in a bid warn owners of “posh” cars that they […]

The National Push to Close the Cycling Gender Gap

Women have been called an “indicator species” of a bike-friendly city because they tend to pedal more in places that are safe and practical for biking. But on those counts, the United States has some work to do. In 2009, the last time good data was released, less than a quarter of bike trips in […]

Study: Motorists Give Cyclists in Bike Lanes More Room When Passing

Drivers give cyclists a wider berth on streets with painted bike lanes than on streets with no bike lanes, according to a new study by a Canadian research team with the University of Waterloo [PDF]. Common sense? Sure, but it’s more evidence that cyclists feel safer in dedicated infrastructure for a reason. Researchers from the University of Waterloo […]

Today’s Headlines

Obama Threatens to Veto GOP Transpo (Under-) Funding Measure (The Hill) Sec. of State John Kerry Breaks Leg Bicycling in Switzerland (Bicycling) Three House Dems Push Bill to Strengthen NHTSA’s Ability to Police Auto Safety (Detroit News) All-Powerful Bike Lobby Blasts Proposal to Cut Bike Funding (WSJ) Texas Governor Signs $4 Billion Transportation Bill (WFAA) Having Ruled Out […]