How Much Do You Walk? …And Other Questions From America Walks

Got five minutes to help strengthen and refine pedestrian advocacy? America Walks has put out a survey on walking habits, and they hope the answers will advance understanding of why people walk and what would motivate people to walk more. The survey explores, among other questions:

  • What motivates and sustains avid walkers? What deters others?
  • How did they start walking, and what are their routines?
  • What makes a neighborhood walkable or not?
  • What do walkers believe are the psychological and physical benefits?

America Walks is the only national organization dedicated exclusively to the rights of pedestrians. After 15 years of advocacy, it’s in the process of reinventing itself, partnering with organizations from AARP to the National Associations of Realtors to get more people “up off couch and walking out the door.”

The survey closes in early June. Click here to start.

  • Mark Walker

    Come on, pedestrians. Give five minutes of your time to help our movement.