Today’s Headlines

  • Infrastructure Mired in Budget Battle (NYT)
  • Oil Dependence Leaves American Economy Vulnerable (AP)
  • How Can the U.S. Move Forward on Transportation? (National Journal)
  • Water: An Untapped Transportation Resource? (The Hill)
  • Mayor Gray Finds Room for Transit in DC Budget (GGW)
  • Survey: Americans Prefer Walkable Neighborhoods (IBT)
  • Does Bus Rapid Transit Have a Future? (Grist)
  • Radiant City: The Paradox of the Suburbs (Treehugger)
  • Joel Kotkin Likes Garden Cities, But Doesn’t Know What They Are (Market Urbanism)


Today’s Headlines

In Budget Rollout, Obama Proposes Single Transportation Trust Fund (Politico) Americans Want Transportation, Don’t Want to Pay For It (WaPo) GOP Eyes Big Cuts to EPA; Dems Consider Effort “Reckless” (Politico, The Hill) Obama Pushes Clean Energy Spending, Fewer Tax Breaks for Big Oil (The Hill) How Will Electric Car Owners Pay for Roads? (Infrastructurist) […]
The Red Line bus rapid transit project in Indianapolis, which voters approved as part of a package in November, is one of dozens of projects threatened by Donald Trump's budget proposal. Image: IndyGo

Think of Trump’s Budget as an Attack on Cities

Yesterday Donald Trump released a budget outline that calls for severe cuts to transit, and the reaction was swift and scathing. The National Association of City Transportation Officials called it "a disaster" for cities. Transportation for America said it was a "slap in the face" for local communities that have raised funds to expand transit.

Household Deficit Reduction: Transit Saves People Almost $10K a Year

With gas prices at their highest level since October 2008, the American Public Transportation Association’s monthly Transit Savings Report estimates that transit riders save, on average, $9,656 a year. Of course, not everyone has equal access to these massive savings. According to APTA’s numbers, which are based on gas prices ($3.08 per gallon last week) and […]

In Obama Budget, a Glimpse of What Beefed-Up Transit Funding Could Do

The budget proposal released by President Obama yesterday fleshes out the transportation ideas put out by the White House last week and includes specific grants for transit upgrades and expansions in 2015, but many of them won’t be part of this budget unless Congress agrees to increase funding for transportation. The White House budget proposes $17.6 billion […]

Six Lies the GOP Is Telling About the House Transportation Bill

The transportation-plus-drilling bill that John Boehner and company are trying to ram through the House is an attack on transit riders, pedestrians, cyclists, city dwellers, and every American who can’t afford to drive everywhere. Under this bill, all the dedicated federal funding streams for transit, biking, and walking would disappear, leading to widespread service cuts […]