Today’s Headlines

  • NTSB Chair: My 5-year-old Minivan Has Better Safety Features Than Most Large Buses (AP)
  • Video: Obama Calls for Cutting Oil Imports By a Third (WaPo)
  • Miami Herald Editorial: Aren’t Empty Suburban Homes a Sign That Sprawl Isn’t Working?
  • Rules About Rail, Airline Unions Could Bring Down Aviation Bill (The Hill)
  • Among the States Asking for Wisconsin’s Rejected Rail Funds Is… Wisconsin (GreenTechMedia)
  • Getting Greedy: California Now Wants All of Florida’s Rail Money (LAT)
  • Why the Resistance to Mass Transit? It’s Our Only Way Out of the Jam We’re In (Reuters)
  • Honolulu Rail Opponents Hire Top Environmental Lawyer (KHON)
  • Should Taxpayers Be Funding a Streetcar Line to Portland’s Wealthy Suburb? (Oregonian)
  • Speed Limits on the Autobahn (!) and Clean Car Zones in Europe’s Cities (Wired)
  • tom

    Now let me understand this: Germany will impose speed limits on the autobahns and bar fossil-fuel burning vehicles from the core cities. All this by 2050. More likely everyone who signed on to this will be dead by then.


What If “Commuter Rail” Was for Everyone, Not Just 9-to-5 Commuters?

Rhode Island has been investing in commuter rail — long distance service connecting Providence to Boston and towns in between. But lackluster ridership at a new park-and-ride rail station at the end of the line (by a Walmart!) is sapping support for much more useful investments, reports Sandy Johnston at Itinerant Urbanist. Anti-rail critics are piling on. The libertarian Rhode Island Center […]

How Will a New FRA Rule Affect Commuter Rail?

Misguided safety rules from the Federal Railroad Administration are cited as the cause for all sorts of problems, from high-construction costs to pedestrian hazards to, ironically, worse safety outcomes. Which helps explain why Jarret Walker at Network blog Human Transit is alarmed about a new rule “requiring two-person train crews… for most main line freight and […]

The Inherent Shallowness of the Rail vs. Bus Debate

Is every argument for buses also an argument against rail? It seems that, according to the half-baked logic of “anti-planner” Randall O’Toole, the answer is “yes.” The fervent rail opponent recently wrote that because Jarrett Walker at Human Transit penned an article arguing that race-based generalizations about bus travel are harmful, Walker must, ipso facto, […]