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  • NTSB Chair: My 5-year-old Minivan Has Better Safety Features Than Most Large Buses (AP)
  • Video: Obama Calls for Cutting Oil Imports By a Third (WaPo)
  • Miami Herald Editorial: Aren’t Empty Suburban Homes a Sign That Sprawl Isn’t Working?
  • Rules About Rail, Airline Unions Could Bring Down Aviation Bill (The Hill)
  • Among the States Asking for Wisconsin’s Rejected Rail Funds Is… Wisconsin (GreenTechMedia)
  • Getting Greedy: California Now Wants All of Florida’s Rail Money (LAT)
  • Why the Resistance to Mass Transit? It’s Our Only Way Out of the Jam We’re In (Reuters)
  • Honolulu Rail Opponents Hire Top Environmental Lawyer (KHON)
  • Should Taxpayers Be Funding a Streetcar Line to Portland’s Wealthy Suburb? (Oregonian)
  • Speed Limits on the Autobahn (!) and Clean Car Zones in Europe’s Cities (Wired)
  • tom

    Now let me understand this: Germany will impose speed limits on the autobahns and bar fossil-fuel burning vehicles from the core cities. All this by 2050. More likely everyone who signed on to this will be dead by then.


Today’s Headlines

Post-DOT, LaHood Heads to Dirksen (WaPo) In California, It’s Hyperloop vs. High-Speed Rail (Businessweek, LAT) … As High-Speed Rail Hits Another Roadblock (LAist) Honolulu Rail Project Also Faces Some Hurdles ( Foxx Wants Infrastructure Progress (AP, AJC) Living Car-Free and Car-Light in Montgomery County, MD (GGW, Bethesda Now)  Congress OKs $189M for Houston Light Rail Growth (Progressive Railroading) […]

U.S. DOT Holding Five Public Meetings on Its National Rail Plan

As it works to finalize a National Rail Plan that could prove pivotal in securing dedicated long-term funding for high-speed rail, the U.S. DOT is soliciting public feedback at five meetings in the coming weeks. The first public meeting will be held Wednesday in Kansas City, followed by a Thursday meeting in Atlanta, according to […]
Lyon HSR station

How France Makes High-Speed Rail Stations Meld With Cities

As France develops its high-speed rail network, the areas around stations are treated not just as transportation initiatives but as city-building projects. This discussion centers on how public agencies plan high-speed rail station areas in France, integration of the stations into districts as a whole, and the importance of a comprehensive vision for integrating transportation and land use in the station district.

Today’s Headlines

D.C. Mayor Lays Out Action Plan for Transportation (WaPo, GGW) Feds, MARTA Move Forward With Study of New 8.8-Mile Light Rail (Atlanta Biz Journal) Texans Get Their First Glimpse of Potential High-Speed Rail Routes (Dallas News) LA Times Thinks More Parking Is the Answer for City’s Rail Stations In the Southwest, Long-Term Plan Emerges for […]

Today’s Headlines

Senate Extends Transit Benefit, Ball Now In House’s Court (Baltimore Sun) First Nationwide Count of Parking Spaces Tallies More Than 500 Million (Knoxville News Sentinel) PA Gov. Rendell Invests $45M in Pittsburgh Transit Rather Than Cut Service (Post Gazette) Will Anti-Rail Republicans in Florida Block Reallocated Midwestern Rail Money? (ABC) Is High Speed Rail the […]