Today’s Headlines

  • Snow Brings Freight, Passenger Transportation to a Halt in Chicago (Sun-Times, Beacon-News)
  • Is the Chamber of Commerce’s Push for Infrastructure Investment All Talk? (HuffPo)
  • Colorado Lawmakers Soundly Reject Proposal to Redirect Transit Money to Roads (Bloomberg)
  • Ed Glaeser Talks Cities With Grist
  • Portland City Official Pushes to Implement Bicycle Signaling Statewide (BikePortland)
  • Former PA Gov. Ed Rendell Hired to Advise on Private Infrastructure Investment (Fortune)
  • When “On Time” = Five Minutes Late: A Look Inside A Transit Agency’s Time Log (Baltimore Sun)
  • Native Hawaiians Sue Honolulu Over Plan to Build Transit Line Over Ancient Burial Grounds (KPUA)
  • A “Black Box” App For Bicycles (ETA)
  • TOD Residents Revolt Against Planned Transit Line the Whole Community Was Designed Around (GOOD)
  • “Transit-oriented” or “transit-ready” may not mean squat if the transit isn’t fully committed.

    Bingo. If you let people move in when there’s lots of car infrastructure and not much transit, they’ll build their lives around driving, and complain if they are then expected to reorient them around transit.

    Now we know how well Torti Gallas and Partners are at thinking things through beyond the buzzwords.


Today’s Headlines

NYT Chides Republicans For Blocking Infrastructure Investment Maybe the Auto Bailout Didn’t Win Obama the Election After All (WaPo) Shuster‘s “All-of-the-Above” Strategy For Transpo Funding (Patriot-News) Mica Insists on Light Rail Extension to LAX (KPCC) Michael Dukakis Recalls the Massachusetts Ban on Highway Building, Suggests an Encore (Globe) If Only CA’s Rail Plan Were Moving […]

New Federal Bill Would Help Orient Communities Toward Transit

The federal government has a long history of supporting transit, but it’s never played much of a role in promoting the kind of development that helps make those investments successful. That’s why David Goldberg at Transportation for America is so excited about a new bill that would help encourage transit-oriented development: Senators Brian Schatz (D-HI), Ed Markey (D-MA), Kirsten […]

Even as Gas Prices Fall, More People Are Turning to Transit

From Streetsblog Network member Mobilizing the Region, the blog of the Tri-State Transportation Campaign, come some numbers that members of Congress should look at closely as they consider transit funding in the stimulus package: It seems that even as gasoline prices are starting to come down, the economic recession is suppressing driving.  Vehicle miles traveled […]

How Transit Pays for the Automobile’s Sins

Tony Dutzik is a senior policy analyst with the Frontier Group. An op-ed in Friday’s Washington Post by three professors of urban planning rained on the parade of transit advocates celebrating a new 57-year high in transit ridership. Ridership, the authors wrote, has actually fallen on a per-capita basis since 2008 (as has driving, by the way), as well as outside […]

Despite Problems, Boston’s MBTA Should Continue to Expand

2nd inbound orange line track to Boston isn’t even cleared of snow between Oak Grove & Malden! #MBTApocalypse #MBTA — Cory Thomas (@coryt3) February 11, 2015 Cross posted from the Frontier Group. As you may have heard, we’ve been experiencing a few public transportation problems here in Boston of late. Record-smashing snowfall, coupled with extreme cold […]

Glaeser Goes Out With a Whimper

For those just tuning in, economist Ed Glaeser has been writing a four-part series on the potential costs and benefits of high-speed rail at the New York Times‘ Economix blog. He began three weeks ago with an introduction. The following week he addressed direct costs and benefits from a hypothetical line, and last week he […]