Today’s Headlines

  • Obama Puts Transportation Back on the Agenda With $50 Billion Plan (Politico, AP, WSJ)
  • …First Reactions: BrookingsTransport PoliticTime, Bob Herbert, Boehner
  • Can the United States Catch Up on High-Speed Rail? (NYT)
  • Study: Light Rail Users 6.5 Pounds Lighter Than Drivers (Virginian Pilot)
  • Mary Landrieu: We’ve Got to Stop Building for the Automobile and Start Building for People (Nola)
  • See What Americans Are Thinking About About Gas Prices (Rasmussen)
  • Minneapolis Bike-Share Program Set to Expand (NPR)
  • MobileEye Camera Aims to Stop Motorists From Hitting Pedestrians (Slashgear)
  • Why Rail-Regulating Train Nerds Love Their Jobs So Much (WaPo)
  • David Alpert and Company Emerge as Formidable Smart Growth Advocates In DC (City Paper, GGW)


Salt Lake City: A Red State Capital Builds Ambitious Transit

According to Congress for New Urbanism President John Norquist, the Salt Lake City area has the fastest growing rail system in America. And as Streetsblog’s Angie Schmitt pointed out last month, “It’s the only city in the country building light rail, bus rapid transit, streetcars and commuter rail at the same time.” Since the late 1990s, SLC […]

Beyond Bus v. Rail: A Nuanced Approach to Evaluating Transit

Class A Exclusive right-of-way and separated from cross traffic Class B Exclusive right-of-way, NOT separated from cross traffic. Class C Mixed with traffic, including mixed with pedestrians. Rail Most rail rapid transit, using “third rail” power sources. Most classic “subway” and “metro” systems. Most “light rail” in surface operations. Parts of some European and Australian […]

Honolulu Mayoral Frontrunner Would Torpedo Light Rail Project

However controversial a rail project is, is it a good idea to pull the plug after construction has already begun? Honolulu residents have that question to ponder from now until Election Day. The city’s mayoral election has become a referendum on its controversial rail project. Former Gov. Ben Cayetano came out of retirement (and took […]