Today’s Headlines

  • White House to host Conference on the Great Outdoors next month -- will transportation be on the agenda? (LAT)
  • Could White House urban affairs chief Carrion to become New York state's No. 2? (Crain's)
  • Voters in Pennsylvania, where a big-ticket Senate race is splitting time with debate over tolling I-80, favor the new tolls by a 49 to 44 margin ... (Std. Speaker)
  • ... while in another closely watched Senate campaign, California voters are seeing new ads attacking Republican Tom Campbell for supporting a gas tax increase (F. Bee)
  • California commuter rail takes major step towards electrification (Merc News)
  • Orlando's local transit could see a lift as statewide high-speed rail takes shape (Tampa Trib)
  • Meet the wealthy crop of electric car-curious who are testing the waters for the auto industry's hoped-for boom (NYT)
  • Two senators object to airlines' frequent requests for an exemption from new federal tarmac-delay rules (Boxer Press)
  • Obama's second nominee to lead transportation security work withdraws under a cloud (WaPo)