Today’s Headlines

  • The Senate environment committee was once known as a hotbed of bipartisan congeniality ... though it can still look that way, judging from this year's transportation debate (ClimateWire)
  • The construction industry promotes the role it can play in economic recovery effort (Portfolio)
  • Trucking industry accuses the New York Times of ill treatment after a critical editorial on Anne Ferro, the trucking lobbyist nominated to regulate truck safety, and a story on texting behind the wheel (Fleet Owner)
  • The U.S. Chamber of Commerce, less than helpful on transportation reform despite its support for a gas tax hike, is shedding members over its opposition to congressional action on climate change (NYT)
  • GOP pundit John Feehery calls Transportation Secretary LaHood "the only real PR bright spot" for the White House (The Hill)
  • Chicago transit agency gets a new chief (Sun-Times)