Today’s Headlines

  • LaHood: Gas tax hike and VMT tax are still on the table ... but only once the economy improves (Dow Jones)
  • D.C. Metro contends with a tragic bus accident (WaPo)
  • U.S. DOT has approved just 20 percent of "clunkers" payments -- thanks, Citigroup! (Det News)
  • Federal highway chief celebrates sprawl-inducing MN road project (Fast Lane)
  • California high-speed rail commission to give $9m contract to PR firm run by governor's longtime adviser (LAT)
  • Honolulu launches campaign against bus-rider body odor (Advertiser)
  • Feds send stimulus money to NYC construction company with a shady past (NYT)
  • Backers of the congressional climate bill start to win the ad wars (USAT)