Today’s Headlines

  • Many House Transportation Committee Leaders Face Tough Reelection Campaigns (Politico)
  • Lone Star Rail Proposal Linking Austin and San Antonio Killed by Regional Planners (Austin Monitor)
  • NACTO’s Global Street Design Guide is Live (NextCity)
  • Seattle Times Endorses $54 Billion Light Rail Measure
  • Austin Opens “Dynamically Tolled” Highway Lane (Community Impact)
  • Montgomery County, Maryland, Opens Second Protected Bike Lane (GGW)
  • Plan Would Rezone Two-Thirds of Portland Neighborhoods for More Density (Portland Tribune)
  • After $74 Million Widening, Seattle Street Just Two Seconds Faster for Drivers (Geekwire)
  • Timothy Chang

    The Seattle Times Editorial Board unfortunately hasn’t taken a position yet on ST3. The linked editorial was written by three members of the ST Board.

  • JimthePE

    Use the right of way for the bankrupt TX 130 private toll road for the S. A. – Austin train.


Green Lane Project Picks Six New Cities to Make Big Progress on Bikeways

More than 100 cities applied for the second round of the Green Lane Project, the program that helps cities build better bike infrastructure, including protected lanes. People for Bikes, which runs the program, announced its selections for round two today: Atlanta, Boston, Denver, Indianapolis, Pittsburgh, and Seattle. “The selected cities have ambitious goals and a vision for […]

DC Inspires Bike Lane Envy With Curb-Protected Cycling

Here’s a good sign that protected bike lanes are here to stay in American cities: Cities are increasingly trading plastic bollards for concrete curbs, making the lanes a more permanent feature of the landscape. As I reported for People for Bikes last year, Chicago, Austin, Seattle, New York and Portland have all either installed or plan to install curb-protected […]

Columbus Wins $50 Million “Smart City” Grant. What Put It Over the Top?

U.S. DOT announced the winner of its $50 million “Smart City” grant yesterday, and Columbus, Ohio, bested finalists San Francisco, Portland, Austin, Pittsburgh, Kansas City, and Denver for the prize. Many other cities had applied for this federal funding to demonstrate how new technologies can improve urban streets and transportation. In its application, Columbus focused on improving job access […]

DC and New Orleans Closing the Bike Commute Gap With Portland

Growth in bike commuting has slowed in Portland and Minneapolis, while some less well-known biking cities are making gains. Graph: Bike Portland New Census numbers are out, providing fresh data on how Americans are getting to work, and Michael Andersen at BikePortland has noticed a couple of trends. The mid-size cities best-known for biking haven’t […]

Moving Toward Bike Boulevards in Austin, Texas

More communities around the country are talking about creating bike boulevards (see the recent Streetfilm asking why they haven’t yet been proposed in New York). But as Austin on Two Wheels reports, it’s not always easy to convince property owners that these enhanced bike facilities (read more about them here) are the right thing for […]

The Upside of Seattle’s Transit Expansion: High Capacity

The Seattle region’s 62-mile transit expansion plan has some serious flaws. Namely, the city of Seattle, where the ridership needs are greatest, gets short shrift compared to suburban areas. Zach Shaner at Seattle Transit Blog argues that ST3, as the plan is called, also gets a lot right. Instead of running on defunct freight tracks or operating at-grade […]