Today’s Headlines

  • Atlanta Beltline Founder Explains Why He Resigned From the Organization’s Board (Creative Loafing)
  • Where Should the Next Billion People Live? (Nature)
  • Forbes: Inner-Ring Suburbs Need Some Attention
  • New Urban Development Will Test El Paso’s Vision for Smart Growth (KFox14)
  • Detroit Aims to Restore Density in Midtown, Where Rising Rents Have Attracted Developers (Mlive)
  • Public Transit Must Be Fast, Cheap and Convenient (Torontoist)
  • Survey Shows Detroit Transit Vote May Be Close (Free Press)
  • Admiring Germany’s New Bike Superhighway, the Radschnellweg Ruhr (Urban Omnibus)
  • Seattle Pedestrian Waits 26 Minutes for Walk Signal (K5)
  • Survey Unpacks American Attitudes Toward Self-Driving Cars (Washington Post)
  • Vooch

    I ridden on German long distance cycle paths. They are amazing. And completely inexpensive to create. Short distance commuters are using them.


Today’s Headlines

The New York Times Published Someone’s Sick Fantasy About “Trump-Sized” Infrastructure LA Times: Can Buy America Work for California High-Speed Rail? Amtrak CEO on New Trains, Safety, and Trump (CBS) Detroit Officials Try to Figure Out Why Local Transit Tax Failed (Detroit News) Nebraska Senator May Be on Shortlist for Trump’s DOT (KETV) Atlanta’s Transit Divide Deepens After Election (WABE) […]

Can the Feds Fix Detroit’s Uniquely Terrible Transit System?

There is no better evidence of the sharp social divisions that continue to haunt metro Detroit than the appalling state of its transit system. When it comes to public transportation, residents of the city of Detroit and suburbanites live in a state of government sanctioned apartheid. They ride fully separate systems, with fully separate sets […]

Transit Vote 2016: With Historic Decision, Detroit Could Heal Old Divides

We continue our overview of what’s at stake in the big transit ballot initiatives this November with a look at Detroit. Previous installments in this series examined Indianapolis and Seattle The four-county transit ballot measure before voters in Southeast Michigan this November is truly historic. It took 40 years and 23 failed attempts for Detroit and its suburbs to establish a […]