Today’s Headlines

  • Feds Still Site Huge New Government Offices in Sprawling Places Without Transit (Governing)
  • The Economist: America’s Traffic Safety Record Is the Worst in the Developed World
  • Federal Regulators May Require Large Trucks to Use Speed-Limiting Devices (Argus Leader)
  • Tennessee Must Reverse Lax Drunk Driving Law or Lose Federal Funding (Knoxville News Sentinel)
  • FTA Doubles Down on Its Disastrous Buy America Requirement for Rolling Stock (Steel Orbis)
  • Kalamazoo, Michigan, Takes Action to Protect Cyclists After June Death (WWMT)
  • Online Tool Will Explore Connection Between Transit and Gentrification in L.A. (CityLab)
  • BART Offering Incentive to Commute Outside Peak Rush (Curbed SF)
  • Cincinnati Streetcar Launches Friday (Enquirer)


Obama Administration to Award $775M for Bus Transit Upgrades

The Obama administration plans to award $775 million in bus transit grants this summer, Federal Transit Administration (FTA) chief Peter Rogoff announced yesterday during a transit industry conference in Ohio. Federal Transit Administrator Peter Rogoff (in hard hat) (Photo: WaPo) The bus grants are aimed at shoring up aging equipment and helping cash-strapped localities modernize […]

House Transpo Bill Turns Communities Into Collateral Damage

There’s been a lot of analysis and explanation of how bad the House transportation bill is from a policy standpoint. This proposal takes sound transportation policy, covers it with oil, sets it on fire, and then dances on the ashes. It’s also important to remember this transportation bill would make life worse for millions of […]