Today’s Headlines

  • Uber and Lyft Want to Replace Bus Service in Sprawling Areas (Bloomberg)
  • How Many Americans Don’t Know How to Ride a Bike? (FiveThirtyEight)
  • 46 States Now Ban Texting and Driving (State Knowledge Center)
  • 10 Cities That Are Booting Cars Off Their Streets (Business Insider)
  • Dallas Plans to Build a Parking Deck on a Highway Deck (Dallas News)
  • FTA: Closing Cleveland’s Public Square to Buses Would Violate BRT Agreement (Plain Dealer)
  • White House Sets New Fuel Efficiency Standards for Heavy Trucks (WaPo)
  • FRA Awards $25 Million for 11 Positive Train Control Projects (Global Travel Industry News)
  • “Transit Armageddon” Coming to New Jersey if New Tunnels Aren’t Fast-Tracked (
  • RedFin Ranks the 10 American Cities Building the Most Walkable Development (Construction Dive)
  • david vartanoff

    Despite the flashy and expensive “stations”, BRT, as with any other bus line can simply be rerouted to become less useful. Thanks Cleveland RTA.

  • neroden

    Despite exclusive lanes, BRT can be filled with other traffic. See Chicago Loop Link.

    Railroad tracks are the only way.


How to Make Transit Succeed in a Sprawling City

In many ways, Calgary, Canada’s third-largest city, is very much like a sprawling American city. But in one way, it’s very different: It’s a huge transit city. Despite being composed mostly of sprawling single-family homes, in this Canadian energy boomtown, 50 percent of downtown workers arrive by transit and another 11 percent by bike — way […]

In Texas, One Newspaper Laments the Highway Lanes Not Built

The Transportation Enhancements program, which requires states to set aside 10 percent of their federal transport money for new bicycle and pedestrian facilities, among other projects, turns 19 years old this year. But you’d almost never know it after reading Saturday’s Fort Worth Star-Telegram, in which the paper tallies — with no shortage of alarm […]

Today’s Headlines

The Associated Press Examines the Rise of Protected Bike Lanes A Look at the Opportunities and Challenges of Vision Zero in American Cities ( Megaproject Expert Says Transit Cost Estimates Are Getting More Realistic (MassTransitMag) Sonar Device Helps Nab Drivers Who Pass Cyclists to Closely ( Shanghai Taking Action to Limit Sprawl (Global Times) First of Atlanta’s Six […]

Bike Lane-less Dallas Inches Forward

Competition between cities is a healthy thing when it comes to bike infrastructure. Of course, the thing about competitions is, somebody’s going to wind up being the loser, for lack of a better word. And in the race for bike-friendliness, Dallas, Texas is bringing up the rear. Dallas is the largest US city without a […]