Today’s Headlines

  • Happy Dump the Pump Day, Everybody!
  • Reid: GOP Foot-Dragging on Transpo Bill Is a “Manufactured Crisis” (The Hill)
  • Paul Ryan: No Way No How Are We Raising the Gas Tax (WaPo)
  • A Bridge Collapse in La-La Land: Dems’ Nightmare Steels Their Resolve on 45-Day Bill Timeline (HuffPo)
  • “Queen of the Hill” Rule Could Pave Way for Lesser-Evil Funding Solutions (Roll Call)
  • Senators Propose New Agency Dedicated to Public-Private Partnerships (STL Public Radio)
  • Road Closures Delay Delivery of Stanley Cup Trophy (The Hill)
  • Freddie Gray’s Death Gives Baltimore Red Line New Life (Reuters)
  • New Cost-Sharing Plan Has States Paying More for Amtrak NEC Service (
  • Living in the Heart of DC Could Be Cheaper Than the Outer Suburbs (Mobility Lab)


Stimulus Draft, the Day After

For everyone hoping that an $825 billion stimulus package might advance a visionary national agenda for sustainable transportation, yesterday’s release of a draft economic recovery bill didn’t deliver the goods. Nor did it include some pretty easy lifts, like the $1.7 billion for transit operations that the House approved in an earlier bill last summer. […]

With Deadlines Looming, Mica Supports Transportation Extension

Congress returns from a monthlong recess — oh sorry, “district work period” — next Wednesday. Before September 30, they’ll have to figure out next steps for keeping the transportation program going, assuming there’s no way that the two chambers will come to an agreement about a long-term bill before the current extension expires. Both houses […]

Today’s Headlines

It’s PARK(ing) Day Across the Country, From L.A. to D.C. China Hops on Board Plans for L.A.-to-Vegas High-Speed Rail (LA Times) Senators Grill FRA’s Feinberg on Rail Safety Deadline (NYT) Will Extra Transpo $$ Make Lawmakers Complacent? (The Hill) Foxx: We Need to Move on Southeast High-Speed Rail (News & Observer) Reps Push to Increase Transit Tax Benefit (The […]

Today’s Headlines

LA Mayor’s Bold Plan to Fast Track Transit Expansion Gains Momentum (AP) OMG: Most Teens Still Text-and-Drive Despite Warnings (USA Today) Spill Bill Passes House; Republicans Will Likely Filibuster in the Senate (Politico, The Hill)  New Poll Queries Americans on Energy Views (Rasmussen) LaHood Watch: Light Rail Announcement Likely Today in Detroit (   Massachusetts Lags in Building Bike and Pedestrian Paths (Boston Globe) Could a Mileage Tax Ever […]

A Quick Guide to the State of Transpo Policy on Capitol Hill

Coming back to Streetsblog after a few months away, I needed to get up to speed on the latest with transportation-related legislation, and I thought some of you might too. Here’s what you need to know: Appropriations House Republicans passed a pretty terrible Transportation and Housing and Urban Development (THUD) appropriations bill last week, decimating […]