DC Police Ticketed Deceased Victim of City’s Negligent Snow Removal

Joseph Brown might be alive today if the District of Columbia had cleared the snow from the sidewalks on the John Phillip Sousa Bridge across the Anacostia River last week. Instead, Brown celebrated his 61st birthday in the hospital after being struck by a pickup truck driver, then succumbed to his injuries on Monday. How did DC police respond? They gave Brown a ticket for walking in the street, reports Greater Greater Washington.

Joseph Brown, 61, was on his way to a doctor's appointment when we was killed. He had been walking in the street to avoid snowy sidewalks. Image: NBC Washington
Joseph Brown, 61, was on his way to a doctor’s appointment when we was fatally struck. He had been walking in the street to avoid snowy sidewalks. Image: NBC Washington

Brown was on his way to the Potomac Avenue Metro station, bound for a doctor’s appointment, when he was struck.

Instead of ticketing Brown after his death for walking in the street, Matt Johnson at Greater Greater Washington says it might have been more appropriate to pursue action against the party that failed to maintain the sidewalks along the bridge where Brown was struck. DC law requires property owners to clear snow from the sidewalks, and as Johnson notes, there are no adjacent property owners on a bridge:

In this case, the responsibility for clearing this sidewalk rests with the District government, and the Department of Public Works does actually work to clear bridges. But at the time of Mr. Brown’s death, less than 24 hours after the snow ended, they hadn’t yet cleared the Sousa Bridge sidewalks.

Laws regarding sidewalk clearance aren’t generally enforced in the DC region, according to Johnson. “When tragedy strikes, it’s far easier to simply blame the victim,” he says. “After all, he’s the one who walked in the roadway.”

  • frumpus

    Typical republican cops at work

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    That’s so cray cray that it almost can’t be real!

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    DC? Republican? That’s a laugh!

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    If its like every other big city police department, most of the cops live way out in the burbs.

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    But police belong to public employee unions that are largely made up of Democrats.

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    typical asshole response

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    I think what BBnet is getting at is more of how some cops in DC view the populace they serve–with disdain and they should spend as little time in the District as possible with ‘those people’. It’s no secret that there are a lot of police officers and firefighters that not only reside in the outer suburbs, but come in from as far away as North Carolina to work in the DC police and fire departments, mostly due to the relative high wages to what they could earn back home.