Today’s Headlines

  • Next DOT Secretary Should Have Technical Expertise, Not Just Political Cred (Bloomberg)
  • The Committee Bill Shuster Wants to Lead Is Very Different From the One His Father Left (Morning Call)
  • Fox: Infrastructure Spending Is Just a “Pat on the Back” for Unions (Media Matters)
  • CBO Struggles to Make Carbon Tax More Progressive (Forbes)
  • Judge Rules California HSR Can Go Forward (AP)
  • Nation’s Longest Road Project Flounders For Lack of Money (Courier Press)
  • Virginia State Senator Proposes Eliminating Fuel’s Sales Tax Exemption (WaPo)
  • Massachusetts, Wisconsin Also Considering Raising the Gas Tax (GlobeJournal-Sentinel)
  • Oklahoma General Contractors Want a Solution to Electric Vehicles’ Fuel Tax Evasion (Oklahoman)


Gas Tax Expires September 30

Ben Smith of Politico mentioned a little tidbit that has eluded some of us: The federal gas tax expires September 30, at the same time as the current reauthorization extension. Most of it, anyway — 4.3 cents of the current 18.4-cent-per-gallon tax will stay. The gas tax isn’t part of the reauthorization; it’s just a […]

The Amazing Disappearing State Gas Tax

The Missouri Department of Transportation wants to widen I-70 between St. Louis and Kansas City. But as we’ve been reporting, many state DOTs just don’t have the money for major highway expansions anymore — and Missouri is no exception. So to pay for this project, which is projected to cost anywhere from $1.5 billion to […]

Today’s Headlines

EPW to Introduce Two-Year Reauthorization Bill in July (JOC, Transpo Issues Daily) U.S. Et Al. to Release 60 Billion Barrels, Less Than One Day’s Supply, of Oil From Reserves (WaPo) Bill to Ban Cell Phone Use While Driving Introduced in Congress (Detroit Free Press) Boehner Wants to Find Trillions in Savings With Tax Hikes “Off the […]