Today’s Headlines

  • Grover Norquist Gives His Blessing to a Carbon Tax — With Conditions (National Journal)
  • … He’s Not Alone: A Growing Chorus Says Now Is the Time For a Carbon Tax (Bacon’s Rebellion)
  • Inhofe Not Returning to Leadership Role on EPW Committee (Trans. Issues Daily)
  • Can We Talk About a Gas Tax Increase Yet? (National Journal)
  • Honey, I’ll Drive: More Women Than Men Have Licenses (AP)
  • Could the U.S. Achieve Dutch Mode-Share Rates If We Had More Bicycle Infrastructure? (IHT)
  • Alameda Transit Vote Still Just a Wee Bit Short of Victory (Mercury)
  • Matt Yglesias: Lifting Height Limits Would Bring a Windfall to DC (Slate)
  • New Services Facilitate Public Transportation For Travelers (USA Today)


Bloomberg Declares Support for a National Carbon Tax

New York Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg will declare his support today for a national carbon tax, according to a report posted this morning on the New York Times City Room blog by metro reporter Sewell Chan: Mayor Bloomberg plans to announce today his support for a national carbon tax. In what his aides are calling […]

Carbon Tax vs. Cap and Trade

Congressional debate on climate change has revealed division among politicians on how to best regulate carbon emissions. From NPR’s Marketplace, we get a report on the sharp difference between leading Democrats in both houses, Sen. Barbara Boxer (CA) and Rep. John Dingell (MI) Boxer is quoted as preferring cap and trade, which seems to be […]

Grover Norquist Buckles to Pressure From Koch-Backed Group on Carbon Tax

Some readers took issue with yesterday’s post that characterized a carbon tax as a terrific but politically unlikely proposal, after the Obama administration shot down the idea last week. Putting a price on carbon emissions is, after all, generating renewed interest from across the ideological spectrum. Notably, the libertarian American Enterprise Institute is co-sponsoring a forum on […]

Today’s Headlines

Early Voters Reject Atlanta Transportation Tax (AJC) London Carmageddon Doesn’t Materialize Because Everyone’s Taking the Tube (NBC) Wendell Cox: Transit in Atlanta Sucks, So Let’s Not Fund Any Improvements (AJC) Why Treehugger Hippies in the Pentagon Want to Reduce Oil Dependency (Grist) Portland Steps Away from Enslavement to Vehicle Level of Service Standards (BikePortland) Are […]

Yes, We Have No Carbon Tax

About 12 hours after President Obama won re-election, Bloomberg News ran this tantalizing headline: “Obama May Levy Carbon Tax to Cut U.S. Deficit, HSBC Says.” The article suggested that a $20-per-ton tax on carbon emissions, rising gradually over time, could help reduce the deficit by half within a decade. Within the same story was the […]