Today’s Headlines

  • Oberstar, Villaraigosa, Rendell… Who Will Replace LaHood? (National Journal)
  • NRDC Pleads With States to Use Air Quality Improvement Funds For Intended Use
  • TSTC Pleads With NY Gov. Cuomo to Use Bike/Ped Funds For Intended Use (Streetsblog NYC)
  • Romney Used to Think High Gas Prices and Fuel Efficiency Were a Good Idea (Gas 2)
  • Why the Equity Argument Against Congestion Pricing Doesn’t Work (Road Pricing)
  • Feds Pony Up For Goal of New Haven, CT to Springfield, MA at 110 MPH (CBS)
  • Denver Faces Culture Clash Over Bike-Share (Denver Post)
  • If You Close a Highway and Nobody Cares, Is It Still Carmageddon? (Atlantic Cities, LA Streetsblog)
  • Penny-Pinching Europeans Fall For Ride-Sharing (NYT)
  • Bicycle Paths Need to Connect to Be Useful (Placemakers)
  • APA President Mitchell Silver: Planners Are Too Focused on Land Use and Transportation (Urban Times)


  • I wonder if the OKC post is current as the date seems to be June 13, 2000 and references Mayor Kirk Humphreys who is not the current mayor.

  • Thank you, @yahoo-B2UHPO7TUI5BAB275JZCI45N2U:disqus ! I removed that item. You’re right: It was under the headline “Flashback IV.” A walk down the memory lane of land-use-related firings I guess?

  • It made me wonder as the date on the article seemed old but there was current comments on  it.  I wasn’t sure what was going on.


A Potential Stimulus Horror Story from Franklin, Wisconsin

Some disturbing news about stimulus spending on roads comes to us from Streetsblog Network member blog Sprawled Out, which covers the city of Franklin, WI. In that Milwaukee suburb, according to Sprawled Out’s John Michlig, local bureaucrats are potentially on track to use stimulus funds to widen a local street in a particularly destructive way: […]

Message From Copenhagen: Climate Plan Must Include Walkable Urbanism

The energy-saving benefits of transit aren’t limited to the transportation sector. (Image: Jonathan Rose Companies via Richard Layman) At a panel discussion yesterday at the Copenhagen climate summit, American policymakers and transit experts delivered a clear message: Walkable urban development must be part of any effective plan to reduce global greenhouse gas emissions. Thanks to […]

The View of Congestion Pricing from Texas

Remember congestion pricing? It’s not much fun to think about what happened to that idea in New York last year. And considering the craziness that’s been going on over bridge tolls in Albany, any kind of road pricing in our fair city certainly seems like a non-starter for the foreseeable future. Traffic in Austin. Photo […]

Actually, Highway Builders, Roads Don’t Pay For Themselves

You’ve heard it a thousand times from the highway lobby: Roads pay for themselves through “user fees” — a.k.a. gas taxes and tolls — whereas transit is a drain on the taxpayer. They use this argument to push for new roads, instead of transit, as fiscally prudent investments. The myth of the self-financed road meets […]

McCain & Coburn: Inadvertent Transportation Reformers?

Sens. John McCain (R-AZ) and Tom Coburn (R-OK) are no fans of dedicated federal spending on cleaner transportation. From bike and pedestrian safety to local transit funds, the duo has made a habit of attacking non-road projects as wasteful "pork." Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) (Composite Photo: And yesterday was no exception, as McCain and […]