Today’s Headlines

  • Mica Claims Transpo Bill Biggest Reform Since Eisenhower (Politico)
  • LaHood Pushes to Help Detroit Transit (HuffPo)
  • Lanes Before Trains Mantra Continues in Jersey (
  • Denmark’s First Cycle Superhighway (NYT)
  • Merkley Drives 300 Miles in Oregon “Without a Drop of Gasoline” (The Hill)
  • Webinar Tomorrow: “The 101 on MAP-21”
  • Lobbying for Freight Bikes in Europe (EurActiv, Bike Portland)
  • Jindal Withholds Records of Alternative Fuel Tax Credits (AP)


Bike-Share and Bike Lanes: The Chicken and Egg Debate

Which should come first, good bike infrastructure or bike-share? This is a matter of some debate, and we don’t pretend to have a definitive answer. But we do have some instructive research. While it’s obviously ideal to have bike infrastructure prior to embarking on a bike-share program, many communities, like Chattanooga, Tennessee, and Dayton, Ohio, […]

The American Bike-Share Fleet Has Doubled Since January

This has been an epic year for bike-share in America. According to a report from the Earth Policy Institute, the opening of Bay Area Bike Share yesterday brought the cumulative size of the bike-share fleets in U.S. cities to 18,000 bikes, more than twice what it was at the beginning of 2013. There are now […]

Chicago Takes Tentative First Step Toward Bike-Sharing

A pilot station for Chicago’s proposed bike-sharing program, on display a couple of weeks ago. Photo: vizcha via Flickr Public bike-sharing is coming to yet another American city.  The concept, first proven in Lyon, France and made famous by Paris’s Vélib, offers members easy access to public bikes at stations across a city. With bike […]

Study: Motorists Give Cyclists in Bike Lanes More Room When Passing

Drivers give cyclists a wider berth on streets with painted bike lanes than on streets with no bike lanes, according to a new study by a Canadian research team with the University of Waterloo [PDF]. Common sense? Sure, but it’s more evidence that cyclists feel safer in dedicated infrastructure for a reason. Researchers from the University of Waterloo […]