Today’s Headlines

  • Building America’s Future Tracks the GOP Candidates’ Stances on Infrastructure
  • BAF Is Also Running an Infrastructure Ad in South Carolina (YouTube)
  • New APTA Report Lists, Debunks Common Criticisms of HSR [PDF]
  • Technical Paper Indicates Riders Overestimate Travel Time Savings (Transportationist)
  • Why Greenways Matter (The Naked City)
  • Italian Architect Plans Urban Forest for Milan (NRDC)
  • Improving Towns One Walk at a Time (AARP)
  • In White Flint MD, Pedestrian Safety or Pedestrian Removal? (GGW)
  • “In God We Trust” vs. Surface Transportation Authorization (TransportGooru)
  • T4America Wants to Ask Ray LaHood Your Questions!


Today’s Headlines

Brookings Releases Solid Set of Infrastructure Policy Recommendations Smart Growth America Outlines Policy Priorities for the Next Administration Strong Towns Has Been Discussing What Federal Infrastructure Strategy Should Look Like Rails-to-Trails Releases Active Transportation Recommendations for the Next President It’s Time to Think About Retrofitting Parking Garages for Housing (Wired) Canada Launching Its Own Infrastructure […]

Streets Built For Bikes and Pedestrians Also Yield More Jobs

Want to get the most job-creation bang for your infrastructure buck? Focus on meeting the needs of cyclists and pedestrians. A new study from the University of Massachusetts finds that bike and pedestrian infrastructure projects create 46 percent more jobs than road projects built strictly for cars. The findings are based on an analysis of […]

Chicago Unveils Its Ambitious Pedestrian Safety Plan

Yesterday, the city of Chicago rolled out a sweeping new plan for pedestrian safety [PDF]. With some 250 recommendations — including traffic-calming measures like pedestrian islands, chicanes and midblock curb bumpouts — Chicago joins cities like New York and Portland in formalizing a plan to meet targets for reducing pedestrian injuries and deaths. Chicago Department […]

U.S. DOT to Challenge AASHTO Supremacy on Bike/Ped Safety Standards

For years, the federal government has adopted roadway guidelines that fall far short of what’s needed — and what’s possible — to protect cyclists and pedestrians. By “playing it safe” and sticking with old-school engineering, U.S. DOT allowed streets to be unsafe for these vulnerable road users. But that could be changing. The bike-friendliest transportation […]