Today’s Headlines

  • Romney: As President, I’d Borrow to Pay for Transportation Infrastructure (Transpo Nation)
  • Senator Brown’s Transit Flexibility Bill Is Badly Needed in Many Cities (T4A)
  • Mexico City’s Sleek New Buses Cut Pollution, Generate Carbon Credit Sales (Reuters)
  • Strong Support for Texting Ban Runs Deeper in Missouri Town (HuffPo)
  • BRT Is Great But Is It to Blame for Killing Detroit Plans for Light Rail? (Transport Politic)
  • DC City Council Considers Move to Promote Partying in the Streets (HousingComplex)
  • Sprawl Blamed for Plunging Canadians Into Debt (Times Colonist)
  • Salt Lake Suburbia Wants ‘Suburban Renaissance for the 21st Century’ (SLTribune)
  • Burlington, Vermont Police Discover the Benefits of Bicycle Patrols (Fox8)
  • Transit Goes Festive for the Holidays (NRDC)


Without Transit, American Cities Would Take Up 37 Percent More Space

Even if you never set foot on a bus or a train, chances are transit is saving you time and money. The most obvious reason is that transit keeps cars off the road, but the full explanation is both less intuitive and more profound: Transit shrinks distances between destinations, putting everything within closer reach. A new study published by the Transportation Research Board quantifies […]

A New Resource for Tracking Transit Trends in American Cities

How does transit ridership in your city stack up against other cities? A new tool from transit analyst extraordinaire Yonah Freemark at the Transport Politic can help you figure it out. Freemark’s “databook” compiles a raft of data from the Census and the Federal Transit Administration into a series of graphs and tables that show trends in transit ridership in selected U.S. cities. Here you […]

The 10 Best and Worst Cities to Catch a Bus to Work

It’s been called “the geography of opportunity.” And David Levinson is trying to make a science of it. In a new analysis, Levinson, a University of Minnesota transportation engineering professor, and his colleague Andrew Owen have ranked the 50 largest U.S. metro areas based on job accessibility by transit [PDF]. Levinson and Owen used transit schedules and walking […]

Many Americans Live Near Transit, But Few Live Close to Good Transit

This chart tells an eye-opening story about access to transit in the United States. Using the new data tool AllTransit, TransitCenter dug into who has access to transit in American cities, making a crucial distinction between residents near any transit whatsoever and residents with access to convenient, frequently running service. The analysis encompassed the nation’s 25 largest cities and […]