Today’s Headlines

  • Tea Party Pied Piper Grover Norquist Won’t Lead House GOP to Oppose Gas Tax Renewal (Bloomberg)
  • NY Governor Signs Complete Streets Bill, Support Still (Slowly) Growing for National Policy (T4America)
  • Shocking But True! Fuel Economy Standards Do Not Kill 2,000 People a Year (Grist)
  • LaHood Announces $417.3 Million for State Road Projects (FHWA); See What Your State Will Fund Here
  • Portland Sees Federal Grant Money, Raises It to $7.7M for Bicycle Infrastructure (BikePortland)
  • Ezra Klein Ponders If California Rail Really Is a Boondoggle
  • Georgia Chamber of Commerce Hires Team to Gain Voter Support for Transportation Tax (OnlineAthens)
  • WA County Council Approves Emergency Congestion Reduction Charge to Fund Transit (PNWLocal)
  • Good Urban Design Works: the Smart Growth Success Story of Arlington, Virginia (Atlantic)
  • Crumbling Infrastructure Is Canary in Coal Mine for Future of US Economy (The Street)
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Today’s Headlines

Mica Wants to Kick Amtrak Out of the Northeast Corridor, Dems Won’t Have It (Globe, The Hill) Add Bad Station-Area Planning to the List of the Pentagon’s Blunders (Yglesias) Video: The Case for Smart Growth (Switchboard) Utah Slows Down Freeway Expansion Plan in Favor of Transit (Salt Lake Tribune) State Could Pull the Plug on […]

Could Restructuring the Gas Tax Fund the Transportation Bill?

Would a major change the national gas tax stand a chance after tomorrow’s election? Perhaps so, but not without postponing one of President Obama’s key priorities, according to a recent story in the Wall Street Journal. Apparently, state DOTs have been pitching a proposal to Republicans and Democrats to change the structure of the gas […]

Top 10 Reasons to Oppose the House Transpo Bill

Congress is in recess this week, but that doesn’t mean the furor surrounding the House transportation bill has died down. Transportation for America has put together a top ten list of the reasons opposition to the bill is so strong. Here’s one of the lesser known implications: #7. Requires More Bureaucracy at Transit Agencies: In […]

Six Lies the GOP Is Telling About the House Transportation Bill

The transportation-plus-drilling bill that John Boehner and company are trying to ram through the House is an attack on transit riders, pedestrians, cyclists, city dwellers, and every American who can’t afford to drive everywhere. Under this bill, all the dedicated federal funding streams for transit, biking, and walking would disappear, leading to widespread service cuts […]