Today’s Headlines

  • Mica Flip-Flopped on Transportation Spending Levels (Transpo Nation)
  • House Republicans Hope to Slash Bike and Pedestrian Funds (T4America)
  • Now Is Really Not the Time to Slash Transportation Funding (Yglesias)
  • Lobbyists Push for Booze-Sniffing Devices in Next Authorization Bill (WT)
  • Forget Area 51: What’s Going on with All the Parking at the Capitol? (WCP)
  • Carmageddon LA: Wider Roads Could Mean More Traffic Congestion (NPR)
  • Listen Up: Hybrids Likely to Get Louder for the Sake of Pedestrians (TPM)
  • California High-Speed Rail Group Takes Flack (Sacbee)
  • Empty Weekend Subway Cars a Thing of the Past in New York City (NYT)
  • Michigan Planner Has Too Much Time on His Hands (Daily


Tucson Region Poised to Slash Bike/Ped Funding

Disappointing news from America’s hottest, driest bike city: Regional planners in Tucson are poised to take an axe to an important pot of money for bike and pedestrian improvements, even while they maintain spending on much more expensive road widenings. Michael McKisson at Network blog Bicycle Tucson reports on how Tucson’s Regional Transportation Authority is dealing with […]

Questioning Obama’s Transpo Legacy as Fresno County Sprawls

By introducing new initiatives like the TIGER grant program, the Obama administration has been signaling that the car-is-king, slash-and-burn mentality that has dominated transportation policy since Eisenhower is coming to a close. At the same time, however, the situation on the ground looks awfully familiar in much of America. As New Jersey Governor Chris Christie […]

Under Pressure, AASHTO Withdraws Objection to Stronger Bike-Ped Rules

The Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials is withdrawing its opposition to an important federal policy change that puts cyclists and pedestrians on a more equal footing with motorists. Active transportation groups were outraged earlier this month when AASHTO requested that the FHWA revert to an old standard that required state DOTs show only that “due […]

Today’s Headlines

Obama’s Six-Year Transportation Plan Would Allow Tolling of Existing Highways (The Hill) Bloomberg Reports on Seattle’s Ongoing Tunnel-Boring Troubles Pedestrian Injuries Falling in New Jersey ( Seattle Times: Mayor Ed Murray Is “The Real Bike Mayor” How to Respond to a “Pedestrian Safety” Campaign That Blames Victims (Vox) Do High Construction Costs Explain Resistance to Funding U.S. […]

Streets Without Sidewalks Are Killing Florida Pedestrians

Florida is the most dangerous state in the nation for pedestrians, according to Transportation for America. More than 5,100 people were killed while walking in the state between 2003 and 2010, and four Florida cities rated among T4A’s list of the most dangerous for walking. But to its credit, the Florida Department of Transportation is trying to change that. A new study […]