Today’s Headlines

  • GOP Aims to Put Highway Trust Fund Money on the Table for Cuts (WSJ)
  • New Science Committee Chairman: “There are Doubts About the Quality of Climate Science” (NYT)
  • Sen. Boxer Spoiling for a Fight as GOP Plans Climate Rollback (The Hill)
  • Senate Could be Forced to Give Up Earmarks, Says Sen. Durbin (Politico)
  • The Developed World May Have Hit “Peak Travel,” But What About the Rest of the Planet? (Grist)
  • New House Rules Could Cause Problems for the Transportation Sector (The Hill)
  • Are Massachusetts Police Enforcing the State’s Texting Ban? (Globe)
  • Smart Growth in Maryland Proves Elusive (Baltimore Sun)
  • Diane Rehm Tackles High-Speed Rail (WAMU)
  • What the New House Rules Mean For Bicycling (LAB)


New GOP Bill Would Bar Enviro Reviews from Considering Climate

Republicans on the Senate environment committee, who months ago began criticizing the Obama administration for evaluating federally funded infrastructure projects for their impact on climate change, today introduced legislation that would bar the White House from making climate a factor in environmental reviews. Sen. John Barrasso (R-WY), one of the new NEPA bill’s sponsors, holds […]

Senate Climate Bill Leaks: The Good News and Bad News for Transport

The Senate’s climate change legislation will finally make its debut tomorrow, courtesy of environment committee chairman Barbara Boxer (D-CA) and foreign relations committee chairman John Kerry (D-MA). But the Washington Post has already obtained a "close-to-final" version of the bill [PDF], which provides some details but leaves unanswered the key question of how much aid […]