Today’s Headlines

  • LA Mayor’s Bold Plan to Fast Track Transit Expansion Gains Momentum (AP)
  • OMG: Most Teens Still Text-and-Drive Despite Warnings (USA Today)
  • Spill Bill Passes House; Republicans Will Likely Filibuster in the Senate (PoliticoThe Hill
  • New Poll Queries Americans on Energy Views (Rasmussen)
  • LaHood Watch: Light Rail Announcement Likely Today in Detroit (  
  • Massachusetts Lags in Building Bike and Pedestrian Paths (Boston Globe)
  • Could a Mileage Tax Ever Replace the Gax Tax in Ohio? (Columbus Dispatch)
  • Demonstration Bike-Sharing Program Rolls Into Windy City (Chicago Tribune)
  • Could Reducing Soot Be the Quickest Way to Reverse Global Warming? (Popular Science)
  • Obesity Concerns Prompt California Town That Invented Drive-Throughs to Ban Them (3 News)


Blumenauer Introduces a Tax Break for Bike-Share Commuters

If you drive to work, the feds will subsidize that. But if a Citi Bike (New York), or a Divvy bike (Chicago), or CoGo (Columbus, Ohio) is your ride to work, no such luck. But that could change. Michael Andersen at Bike Portland reports that Representative Earl Blumenauer (D-Oregon) has introduced legislation that would establish tax incentives […]

Could Restructuring the Gas Tax Fund the Transportation Bill?

Would a major change the national gas tax stand a chance after tomorrow’s election? Perhaps so, but not without postponing one of President Obama’s key priorities, according to a recent story in the Wall Street Journal. Apparently, state DOTs have been pitching a proposal to Republicans and Democrats to change the structure of the gas […]

Today’s Headlines

Schumer Bill Would Restore Maximum Transit Tax Benefit (AP) Dallas City Council Shows Support for $1B in Downtown Transit Boosts (AP, D Mag) California’s New Tax-Increment Financing Could Bring Billions for Infrastructure (Gov Exec) Why Cincinnati Is Going Low With Streetcar Fare (Cincinnati Biz Courier) Foxx in South Dakota With Thune, the Likely New Transportation Committee Chief (AP, Politico) […]