Today’s Headlines

  • Road lobbyists accuse Obama of neglecting highways by promoting walkable development (Fleet Owner)
  • Blumenauer offers legislation authorizing $2 billion in competitive grants for local bike projects (Blumenauer Press)
  • A draft of the new Kerry-Lieberman-Graham climate proposal is expected this week, with revenue from their planned fuel tax going towards "transportation projects" (Greenwire)
  • The Bunning filibuster: symptomatic of a "political crisis" for transportation (Ctr for Public Integ)
  • Ed Glaeser maps a positive correlation between federal stimulus investment and lack of local population density, attributing the relationship to highway spending (NYT Blogs)
  • In Virginia, GOP lawmakers successfully push to index the state gas tax to adjust to changing auto fuel efficiency (Times-Dispatch)
  • Topeka renames itself "Google, Kansas" in a bid to win coveted broadband deal (Cap-Journal)
  • Tampa mayor leads officials in a local push linking new transit with economic growth (Tampa Biz Jrnl)
  • Milwaukee high-speed rail plant expected to create hundreds of new jobs (WTAQ)