Today’s Headlines

  • New York officials announce that Broadway will remain car-free in midtown (Streetsblog NYC)
  • In the quest for bike-friendly cities, are snobby cyclists their own worst enemies? (A. Prospect)
  • D.C. responds to its weather challenges by building new infrastructure: a snow mountain (WSJ)
  • Korea eyes an estimated $45B deal to help build California's high-speed rail network (K. Times)
  • Commute headaches caused by East Coast blizzard causing more companies to turn to telecommuting (WSJ)
  • Honolulu mayor challenges his state's governor on transit foot-dragging (Star-Bulletin)
  • The Detroit area's Ambassador Bridge could soon be under Canadian ownership (MI Messenger)
  • Safe Routes to School partnership releases a new report on expanding the program into low-income neighborhoods (SRTS Press)