Today’s Headlines

  • Following on the heels of PBS’ well-reviewed Detroit documentary, a new
    short film (above) envisions a new transportation future for the Motor
    City (America 2050 Blog)
  • Rep. Blumenauer, head of Congress’ livable communities task force, fights the loss of momentum for climate legislation with a call for more investments in clean transportation (Politico)
  • A vehicle miles traveled tax is looking increasingly like the future of transportation financing … so how could such a new system work? (WaPo)
  • Green groups starting to warn that electric cars aren’t the panacea they’ve been marketed as (The Hindu)
  • A report from the annual Seattle smart growth conference, where Obama administration officials rolled out some big plans and the simple act of walking got a lot of notice (Grist)
  • Surface transportation companies, particularly freight rail, still struggling to get back on track after this weekend’s Mid-Atlantic blizzard (JOC)
  • Houston’s new mayor considers dropping transit fares, even to zero, in order to boost ridership (Chronicle)


Transportation for America Releases Blueprint for Transportation Reform

Today Transportation for America is releasing a 100-page document called "The Route to Reform," in which they outline policy recommendations related to the upcoming reauthorization of federal transportation funding legislation (download the executive summary here or the full report here).  From the executive summary:  The next transportation program must set about the urgent task of […]

T4A Calls for Smarter Jobs Policy

In yesterday’s post about the Streetsblog Network‘s first birthday, I should have mentioned the crucial role that Transportation for America played in the network’s conception and inception. We couldn’t have done it without them. T4A’s vision of a national coalition of groups and individuals who can influence transportation policy at the federal level was key […]

Today’s Headlines

No More War Will Save Billions; Obama Sees Money for Roads and Rail? (ChicagoTrib) Focus Shifts Away From High Speed Rail to Repairing Failing Infrastructure (PRI) Transportation Investment at Risk This Election Season (TransportPolitic) State of the Union’s Mass Transit: Not Good (HuffPo) Social Equity Will Affect Funding for Transportation Under New DOT Rule (BusinessWeek) […]

Former US DOT Bosses Call for Mileage Tax and Congestion Fees

Bottlenecks cripple our productivity, and transitioning among modes of transportation remains a convoluted and inefficient process nationwide, with some major cities being the few exceptions. Concerns about the environmental impact of these inefficiencies further highlight the need for systems that offer quick, interconnected and efficient means for transportation. The message today from two Republican-appointed former […]