Today’s Headlines

  • Bad news for Big Oil in the White House budget, which seeks to axe $36.5B in subsidies -- but will Congress go along? (TNR's The Vine)
  • That $100m jobs bill, including infrastructure, that the White House is hoping for? It might look considerably smaller once the Senate acts, perhaps this week (Politico)
  • Georgia political heavyweights clash over the state's lackluster high-speed rail showing (AJC Blog)
  • LaHood takes on the Washington Post's edit board for its complaints about the lack of high-speed rail funding for the northeast corridor (DOT Blog)
  • Highway and transit contractors are deemed "winners" in the new presidential budget (WaPo)
  • An interview with Worldchanging editor and popular urbanist Alex Steffen (Grist)
  • California says "no thanks" to regulating electric-car charging stations (NYT Blogs)
  • Denver's local editorial board calls for a postponement of sales tax increases to fund transit (D. Post)