Monday’s Headlines Delve Into Biden’s Budget

  • President Biden’s proposed 2024 budget includes $4.4 billion for 18 transit projects in 11 states, including the Hudson River tunnel, Los Angeles subway, light rail in the Bay Area, Seattle and Minneapolis, double-tracking in Utah and the Red Line extension in Chicago (Railway Age). The administration also wants to let struggling transit agencies use capital funds on operating costs (Smart Cities Dive).
  • There are ways to make streets safer that don’t draw blowback from drivers. (American City and County)
  • The 15-minute city is just a return to the way every city was built before cars. (Common Edge)
  • Density and a city center are the keys to good transit. (
  • Some cities and states are considering banning right turns on red, which are dangerous for pedestrians because drivers aren’t looking their way. (Pew Stateline)
  • Philadelphia is planning to cap the Vine Street Expressway and reconnect Chinatown. (Inquirer)
  • San Diego is removing more than 200 parking spots from Park Boulevard to make way for bikes. (NBC San Diego)
  • Austin has historically been lax about requiring developers to build sidewalks, and now the gaps total 1,600 miles and would cost a $1 billion to fill in. (Texas Standard)
  • The D.C. Metro is bringing back an automated train system it stopped using after a deadly crash 14 years ago. (Washington Post)
  • A report from a metro Atlanta planning group recommends designing roads for safety rather than speed. (Saporta Report)
  • Even the third of Montreal residents who don’t own a car are helping to pay $500 million a year to maintain the city’s 450,000 on-street parking spaces. (CBC)
  • The CEO of Air France wants to improve rail service at Paris Charles de Gaulle airport. (Airline Weekly)
  • A writer for London’s Financial Times explains Americans’ love for deadly monster trucks as an expression of our “rugged individualism.” (Jalopnik)